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You still have time for things to happen and have a vagianl delivery.But if you do choose a section I will tell you my thoughts and be very honest I have had one and next Thursday my second one.I really didn't want one this time beacuse to me it is a little eary being awake during it and knowing what they are doing plus I had a hard time breating during it which freaked me out a little.I talked to my doctor today about it and he said sometimes when you get your spinal it numbs your diapham so it makes you feel like you can't breath when you can my spinal also lasted 7 1/2 hours which is way to long so hopefully they will do something different I guess they have different kinds of spinals.I Was actually very calm the day of my section they preped me IV catheter all that good stuff.Then I had to walk down to the OR I sat on the table the gave me a pillow and I sat up and kind of leaned over it they gave me my spinal it was not bad at all didn't even really hurt believe it or not which was nice.I layed down and honestly I know it didn't take long but it felt like I was in there for hours.I believe By the time they start they can have the baby out in as little as 2 minutes then maybe 30 minutes to stitch you up.I remember feeling tugging and pulling kind of weird some pressue then she was out they lifted her over the sheet they have in front of you and took her away then they stiched me up they hit a nerve and it hurt a little in my chest but it wasn't bad.Then they took the sheet down and lifted me from the table to the bed what a weird feeling having half your body numb.The anesthia sp mad me a little sick to my stomach and the room kind of spun for a while.I had stiches that dissolved on my uteras of course and belly with staples which they took out before I left and I stayed to nights.The recovery is hard at least for me it was but some women go home barely taking anything.The worst part is standing up it feels liek someone is pulling on your stiches not fun and don't cough or sneeze or laugh you will regret it.I couldn't drive for 2 weeks and could resume my regular activites like sex exercising all that stuff until 6 weeks.Just take your pain meds when they offer it I didn't beacuse I didn't feel bad but that's because my spinal hadn't wore off I woke up 1:00 the next morning in alot of pain and walk you have to get up and walk around so you don't get blood clots and your bowels can start working again.Well I know this is long but I hope it really helps so all in all honestly I don' think it was that bad everyone recovers different.Everyone told be horrier stories before mine and I was surprised at how well it went.You recover you get though it and it's all worth it good luck to you.

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