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I will be 40 weeks as of Thursday with my first child. Now I know that I should expect to go overdue as my doctor has mentioned this but, shouldn't I atleast be showing signs that labor is close? Last week the baby hadn't dropped into my pelvis abd I haven't lost my plug or seen any pinkish or brownish coloured. I did have loose stools awhile ago and I've been having mild cramping in my lower back that sometimes spreads to my front. But other than that.. nothing has happened. Last Wednesday for about an hour I experienced very mild contractions coming apart about every 6 minutes.. but nothing happened after that.

I really do not want to be induced and I don't want a c-section.
My doctor still hasn't checked to see if I've dialated or effaced. Should I ask her to at my 40 wk check-up?
I don't want to force the baby out so I'm not interested in getting my membranes swept. I would just like to know that I have enough time to get labor going myself before I'm induced.

Can pants being too tight cause the baby not to drop? My pants aren't that tight.. but they sometimes make me feel very uncomfortable... especially when I sit down.

And do you always have to have a big burst of energy before labor begins? I've been so exhausted the past week. No energy to do anything. I think it's because my iron is low. My doctor has told me to start taking suuplements.
Every doctor or midwife has their own way of doing things. I got a physical done at the begining and that is it. I don't expect to be poked or prodded again until I am over due( I have just over 4 weeks left). I had my first one right on her due date so I never had to worry about what happens after the due date. I also am with a midwife not a doctor and they do everything naturally, no rushing the game. I do have the babies heart monitored at every visit and she feels around my belly for where baby is. I think with my first I dropped about a week before and had some back cramping at night once. But never lost anything until I was in labor and actually had to have my water broken. It was being stubborn. So try not to worry, that little person of yours might stay tucked in for another week or so without any sign. I am sure if you asked to get checked they will. Especailly at 40 weeks. from the sound of what you are saying your body is preparing, I think your day may come sooner then you think. Take care and good luck. Sava

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