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Re: November Moms
Oct 10, 2006
Well ladies, I had my ultrasound today and it went great. She is about 4 lbs./12 or 14 oz. and looks great and is BREACH!!! Now at least I know it's her FEET that are bouncing off my cervix and not her hands, which just feels lovely may I add. I knew she turned recently, because her movements/kicks for awhile were off to the side and the last couple days they have been low! The important thing is she looks great. The doctor said she was pouting. LOL. I was like how the f*** can they see that?? I can't barely make out her little face never mind her mouth or lips! LOL. Anyway, because she is breach, there were some things they could not see, but they saw them at my last u/s at 28 weeks, so the high risk ob told me she is sure it hasn't changed and that everything is fine. She didn't mention coming back, so I think that was my last one. We got a cute pic of her face again. She has chubby cheeks, at least looks like she does! LOL. I'm assuming since I'm having a section that it doesn't matter if she stays breach or turns, but because it is so uncomfortable, I hope she turns either transverse or vertex again soon!!! I don't know if I'd rather have her head lying on my bladder or her feet kicking my cervix!! Maybe that is better than her kicking in my ribs, which she has never done yet, and from what I've read is very painful and I am lucky not to have felt that! I haven't heard from my doctor today, so I'm hoping that I don't have an infection. I think I may call them before the end of their day to check anyway though. Sometimes they can forget to call, so I think I will call. Have a great day everyone!!


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