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you know, reading post from [B]OrangeCouture[/B] I remember having that discussion back then when we talked that sometimes people don't mean it the bad way. But sometimes we need to learn to think a little bit before we say something that really does not help. Unfortunately, I have to recognize that at some point I have hurt people with some of my comments, and I swear I didn't mean it that way. But when I stop to think why did I do that, I realized I didn't think it to thoroughly and therefore it didn't come out the way it should be. Thank God, I think, at least I try!

......and it is true when [B]xinerevelle[/B] said, [I]"it takes at least SEVEN positive comments/interactions to overcome ONE negative one. We remember the negative ones more easily[/I]."...

This reminds me, I was at my [I]SIL's[/I] house when I was going through my [I]IVF[/I] treatment. She was giving me the [I]progesterone injections[/I] the first weeks, then hubby took over. I was very sensitive with all those hormones I was injecting. Well, her future [I]MIL [/I]said (her face expression was definitely making a mockery (sp?)), [I]"what people would go through to have a baby. I would never do that". [/I] .. as she was shaking her boddy like trying to get rid of an illness or something. Think she has had 4 kids, and two of them she didn't even know she was pregnant at 5 months!!! This was in front of everyone there, DH and I just stood quite.

It hurt me somehow her comment, cuz yes, all I was going thorough to have a baby, but was it really necessary her comment? Yea, we definitely need to think before we open our mouths and we all have to give some benefit of the doubt to people that hurt us in case of those that didn't mean it. Most importantly, forgive, just for our wellbeing sake.

..and take a look at what [B]adderall_angel[/B] said: [I]"Learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy it...People cry every day about not being able to bear children or carry to full term."[/I] ... boy that is so true, there are so many people that really cry for not being able to bear a child. I know I did. My battle still not over, still 6 more months to go.

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