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Hi [B]mj[/B], yea, i feel the same like you, guilty when I don't talk to her. I was bad at the beginning, didn't talk much to her... i don't know, it was like I was too involved in all the work that revolved around her. I then talked to Mom and she mentioned she noticed I didn't talk to her much. So I felt even worse, after that, I have started to talk to her more. At first felt weird, it is like talking to a wall, but little by little I started picking up on her way of paying attention to me. So started to communicate with her about everything, "Hi Alex.. I am going to change your diapers", "not need to cry, momma is here", or just talking to her of what I was doing at that moment. Also started to talk like baby talk, :"acu, googa... " etc. Wow, that felt even more weird!!! You know, my inexperience with babies! but now the more I do it, the better it comes out and from my heart. I think all we need to do is learn.

yep, mine had or still has the nights and days confused, but I noticed at 4 weeks she is getting better. Thanks for the tips on the blankies and book under the bassinet. That is the way they did it at the hospital, the rolled up blankies next to the baby and their bassinets can incline (like the book idea).

[B]mj[/B], how do you have time to walk? I haven't found any time what so ever. However, I have lost all my pregnancy weight by now, I just need to work out to get rid of the long time extra weight.

OH MY GOD [B]mj,[/B] i just read your baby was with a fever... !! whew, I am glad to know she is okay now. What scare huh? Mine seems to have a rash on her face, like bimpos (sp?). I have heard it is normal, but you never know with these allergies!! I am about to call the Dr to make sure it is okay.

Hi [B]Love_me [/B]... how is everything? How is the breast feeding going?

Hi [B]Koukl[/B]a... my baby is getting baby fat :D!!! she is getting heavy, I think she must be at 8 or 8 1/2 now. Believe me, that makes a difference from 6p 7oz! Mine still gets up 2 to 3 times at night... sometimes every 2 hours on the clock! I am still so tired :yawn:.

I almost gave up breast feeding, I tell you, that takes a lot from me. I think that is why I'm so tired. I have to pump right after feeding to keep the milk coming up. I feel all I do is that. She poops even 6 time a day, so I think she is getting plenty of milk (so that is what Nurses say). But It sometimes seems she does not get enough. You know how thin breast milk is, doesn't last a bit in her stomach. However, I'm finally noticing it is getting easier. My milk seem to be reaching to a point where it is flowingly coming out and I don't need the pump to constantly remind my boobs that need to be creating milk. My nurse says if I keep at it 2 more weeks, it will be easier after that.

Honestly [B]Koukla[/B], I have not worked out at all and I'm already back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I think it is because I am so busy. My baby is very needy and demands a lot from me. I try to take naps, but I haven't been able! However, I must say my muscles are flabby and my stomach (abs) need some real work. I have ordered "[I]Hip HOP abs videos from a TV add[/I]", maybe I will get motivated to work out with a new program. At my gym they have baby sitters, but I need to wait till "[I]Alexandra[/I]" is a little bigger to be okay to take her with me. I will ask how many months she needs to be at.

Ok, off now... as usually, typing up a storm!

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