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So tired of this...
Feb 18, 2007
I have to vent, as I have been pretty much a b**ch all day long to everyone that I've come into contact with. I've been on bedrest for the last 6 weeks because of placenta previa (I have had no bleeding whatsoever, which I am thankful for) and going into preterm labor at 28 weeks. I am currently 34 weeks.

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday and I couldn't even do anything to enjoy it. There is a restaurant two blocks down the road from me, so my mom and my kids took me to lunch. We went for a quick trip to CVS Pharmacy because I needed more of my Zantac because my heartburn and acid reflux gets out of control. Walking through the store, after two minutes, I started to get so crampy, I started to feel sick, I broke into a cold sweat but yet was feeling so hot. Walked outside and the 20 degree air felt so good to me.

I can't even take a 5 minute trip to the store without feeling so sick. I am assuming it's because of being on bed rest for so long.

I've been so crampy and on and off contractions for a week or so now. I'm wondering if I would go back into labor now like I did at 28 weeks, would they even attempt to stop it, being 34 weeks along? I have an amnio scheduled for March 6th, I'll be 36 weeks to check the baby's lung maturity and will schedule a c-section from there.

I'm just so tired of always being tired, always feeling sick, being so crampy, the on and off contractions, not being able to take care of my other two kids (one is 3 and the other is 9), they are staying with my mother until I can get back on my feet. Tired of the baby pressing painfully on my cervix (where the placenta is), waiting for a bleed if I start to dilate...I could go on and on.

And a little bit of TMI here, my left boob itched earlier around the nipple, so I did a quick, light 2 second scratch and it brought on a painful contraction. I know some women do nipple stimulation to bring on labor, but a 2 second light scratch bringing on a contraction, give me a break!!!

I'm sorry to vent, but I'm alone in the house most of the time and really don't have anyone around that understand pregnancies and the complications that arrise!

Thanks for listening.

EDD 04/01/07 #3 w/ Complete Placenta Previa

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