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Well, with complete placenta previa, I was just saying last week how lucky I was that I had made it to 34 weeks without any bleeds and was hopeful that it was a good sign I would make it to March 6th when they were going to perform my amnio and if his lungs were mature they were going to perform the c-section.

Friday morning, I was 34 weeks and 5 days. Got up around 9, like I always do. Was working on the laptop and got hungry, so went to the kitchen to make something to eat around 10:50am. Without warning, I fell something running down my leg and looked down and sure enough, started gushing blood. I'm here alone and just blurted out loud 'oh sh**'. I came into the living room and grabbed the phone and called 911 and went back into the kitchen because it's tile (I was worried about ruining the carpet). 911 kept me on the phone with them until the ambulance got here, about 10 minutes after initially calling them. Was getting worried because it takes 40 minutes to get from my townhouse to the hospital anyway.

So they got here and they made me sit down and took my blood pressure, which was 142/108. They brought in the gurney and put me in the ambulance. They had to pull over because the road was too bumpy and they wanted to start an IV line on me. Other than that and monitoring my blood pressure, there was nothing else they could do for me. Got to the hospital and up to the Labor and Delivery floor about 12:15.

The put me into the bed and called the doctor in. The bleeding had stopped because it was being blocked by a huge blood clot. The doctor had to get some foreceps to reach it and it felt like it was a mile long when she was pulling it out. They hooked me up to the monitors and the babys' vital signs were good but I was having contractions. The doctor informed me that if they didn't stop, I very well could have the baby that same day. After a few minutes, the contractions were 1 minute apart and she told the nurse to prep me for surgery.

Five minutes later I was being wheeled into the operating room and they gave me an epidural. He was born at 1:15pm. He weighed 4 pounds 5.8 ounces and was 16 inches long. I saw him for about a minute and they took him down to the NICU. I got stiches and staples and I am so sore. This was my first surgery for anything and getting up and around is quite the challenge for me. I absolutely hated having a c-section. I don't get my staples out until Friday, which hopefully it will make it easier to get around.

I named him Dallas Alexander. He is still in the NICU and am not sure when he will be able to come home. I'm hoping for this weekend. He is starting to eat good, his lungs are great, never needing a breathing machine but he has issues with maintaining his own body temperature. Yesterday and today he was under the 'blacklight' because he was jaundice, but was taken off that this afternoon. In a few days, they will take him out of the incubator and see if he can maintain his temperature. If he does this for a few days, he will be able to come home.

He's a beautiful baby and I am so happy to not be pregnant anymore. They discharged me today at Noon and I just cry and cry and cry because I had to leave the hospital without him, but we will be there everyday with him, spending as much time with him as we can. I miss him something awful and the hormones surely don't help with the depression.

Okay, I need to get some sleep. I haven't really slept in the last five days and my body is giving out, I am so exhausted. I lost a lot of blood and my blood count is dropping a little more every day. Everyone keeps telling me how pale I am and what not, and I get sick and dizzy a lot but I am trying hard to handle it without a transfusion and see if my body can regenerate the blood, if not, I'm sure they will opt to giving me some.

I hope everyone is doing well are are bleed free.


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