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I was off the pill for a week when i got prego! I was in a similar situation whereas my doc wouldn't give me a pack to hold me over until my appt 2 weeks after my last pill. And she gave me a 6 month supply to start once I got my period... and lo and behold... no period, and now a baby!! If you are on the pill or were on it and you don't want to have a child yet, my suggestion would be either no sex, or protected, b/c as I've found out, I am VERY fertile! You could be the same way, just wait til you're supposed to have your period, then test if it still hasn't come. I was supposed to get mine on a Thurs (I was extrememly regular as well) and Sunday I took the test but I already knew Friday when I couldn't hold down 1 beer!!!
It is very different from one woman to another. There is definatly a possibility. But a lot of women take quite a while for their bodies to re-adjust after being on the pill. I was on the pill for 6 years. And it took my body about 5-6 months to readjust. And I was pregnant 2 months later. Other women take longer. Others are fertile the minute they are off the pill. I also have a friend that has gotten pregnant THREE times while she was taking the pill religiously.:eek: Unfortunatly for her she has a hormone imbalance and miscarried all three.

My advise to you. If you are worried you should have protected sex. Period (no pun intended). If you are worried you are, there isn't much you can do at least for a few days. When you get a couple of days from when your period should start take a test. If it's negative, great. But if you don't start your period on time, take another one. False negatives are very possible. Good luck. :wave:
Even if you cycle is regular while on the pill and/or was prior, going off the pill messes with your cycle. You could also have pregnancy symptoms, an early or late period, breakthrough bleeding, etc. just from side effects of going off the pill and not be pregnant. But, you could also get pregnant when you miss more than one or 2 pills and have unprotected sex. Since it messes with your cycle, you can also ovulate any time, not just around day 14 of your cycle, so you really do need to use protection if you don't want to get pregnant. I would take a test when your period is due. If it's an abnormal period, I would wait a few days to a week and test again to make sure.

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