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Hi Zena,

Welcome to the forum hun.

I am pretty new to all this also.

Leela one of the other members was on lovenox aka clexane and was switched to heparin and had her baby girl cpl days ago.

I am 34 weeks and am being induced in 3 weeks so then they will stop the injections, 48 hrs before delivery and then I will restart them again after she is born and continue for 6 weeks.

Sorry to hear about your clot. Have they also got you on asprin???

This is my 4th successful pregnancy and 1st time I have used clexane, i didnt know of my condition with my other kiddies. My youngest is 7 yrs this year.

I know that you cant have an epidural while on clexane (lovenox) thats why they stop it before delivery. I asked my medical team last week what would happen if I went into labor before stopping the injections, and they re-assured me that the only thing that would be different is that I couldnt have an epidural, which is fine coz I didnt have one with the other 3 kids, but if there was to be a emergency c section needed they would give me a injection of vitamin K which apparently thickens your blood asap.

Keep up your injections hun, they are vital if your blood isnt breaking down clots etc. Have they given you an indication of why you clotted? Was it because of the pregnancy stress and hormones? Or was it a blood disorder like most of us?

I have Protein C Defiency.

I can 100000% understand your nervous-ness and anxiety on the whole subject, it can be quite a head spinning situation.

Keep your Drs appoints up and I suggest you ask alot of questions, have a pen n paper and anything that comes to mind write it down and ask darl, dont be afraid to ask anything, whether you may think its relevant or not.

Keep moving, even if you just walk to the letterbox or kitchen, ev 20 mins. Keep look out for any more pains in the legs, as clots start in the legs as you know. anything that you dont feel comfortable with or dont feel right see your gp.

Lovenox is pretty spot on with pregnancies and clotting factors. So im sure they are doing whats best for you and your little one. Keep in touch and remember dont be scared to ask questions and seek medical advice even if your not sure.

We are all on the band wagon hun, and keep the posts up so we can see how you are.

Amy....... how ya doing hunny????? Australia heat is killing me at the moment LOL its sooooooo hot.

Talk soon ladies.....

Bec :)

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