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Hiya Ladies

Hope yas both doing well. I havent been real well of late, not eating much and lots of braxtons even though they bit more painful then last time. i have 10 weeks left and am so sick of having the clexane needles. My belly is horrid to look at. I dont see the Dr again till January 15th. I asked where else i can do the needles and they said belly only :( and its starting to get that way that i havent a non sore spot left.
I am dilated 2 cms already and Dannielle is head down so Im thinking I wont make it the full 10ish weeks. School has finished here until January 29th 2008 so Im hoping the kids behave them selves and help me out a little bit.

Dannielle is still very active for a head down bubba, she hears daddys voice and she kicks and she feels his hand there now and she will kick till the cows come home, cute really except when its when your trying to get to sleep.

I have slept for about 10 hours in last week I reckon, its so damn hot here and I just dont feel right. Be glad when its over and done with and daddy can calm her down in his arms lol so I can have a sleep. This pregnancy is very very different to the others I have had. The clexane and maybe the fact that I am a little older now and my body cant handle the cracks and sore joints like they used to. Im still small in the belly aspect of things... ive only gone up one dress size in 30 weeks but shes definately there, you can tell where her bum and legs etc are and when she runs her foot along my tummy its weird lol

Hoping I feel better soon and can get some sleep and keep food down and even look at food without wanting to be ill.

Hope ur both doing extremely well and a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both,

Both in my thoughts.

Love Bec

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