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Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I am 29 weeks today and it feels like time is flying! I really wish that it would slow down now, we have sooo much to do still! I went for my glucose test a week and 1/2 ago and I haven't heard from the doctors office yet so Im hoping that I passed just fine. I have my next appt on the 28th. I started kick counts last week and that is going good. I hadn't realized how much he moves around in there until I sit back with my hands on my belly for an hour! I have been getting the 10 movements in less than 1/2 hour. They are not all very strong though- if I wasn't sitting feeling for them I wouldn't notice. Does that sound normal? I am going to ask the doc at the next appt. I think I have gained around 26 lbs so far. My doctor keeps cautioning me just to watch what I eat. I don't feel very big, but I have noticed that my bum and thighs are def. alot bigger than before I got pregnant. But I guess we need fat to keep baby healthy and for breastfeeding so Im not worried. How many of you plan to breastfeed? Have you done it with previous pregnancies? This is my 1st so I am a little nervous about it. Any advice or suggestions on a good book about infant care and breastfeeding if you have it?

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