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I took two home pregnancy tests this weekend and both were positive. My nipples have been extremely sore for the past week. This morning I woke up and they didn't hurt anymore. Is this normal?:confused: I go to the doctor tomorrow, but I am so nervous. This will be my first baby if I'm pregnant. :)
Yes it is normal to have very sore nipples early in pregnancy. It usually does not last the whole time, but the soreness can come and go. Your breasts can be quite sore too. Good luck!
[QUOTE=acolvin78;3505054]Thanks for responding, I was getting a little nervous. My doctor (a man) said that he had never heard of symptoms improving. I guess since he's never been through it, it would be hard for him to tell.... My breasts are now sore, not so much my nipples anymore. Congrats Staci! Hope everything goes well for us![/QUOTE]

Wow, I can not believe your Dr. said that! Anyway, I am now 26 weeks preg. and my breasts are not sore at all. It was only in the early weeks for me. I guess everyone is different. Best wishes on your pregnancy and take care!

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