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I have been checking in all day to see how you was doing. I am so glad everything seems to be going good. Atleast you know if for some reason she comes a couple weeks early she will be atleast 5lbs. The specialist I was seeing said that most babies with SUA has a low birth weight but he said anything under 7lbs is consider low. He also said most babies that have SUA usually only weight 4.5 to 5lbs. My last appt was 4 weeks ago and I was only 1.5 lbs from 4lbs so it looks like both of our girls will be bigger than what they say. Yours still has 6 weeks left to grow and I got 9weeks I'm thinking we both gonna have healthy over 6lb babies.
I go for a 4D ultrasound at 3:30 tomorrow I am so excited to see her. And I go Sept.2 for an ultrasound to check her growth again but this time I am doing it at my OB office and not at the fetal medicine clinic and he said he does this scan for all 32 week babies so I'm not getting it done for any special reasoning he is treating me like all the other women now.
Please keep me updated on whats going on I kinda feel like I know you since we have had so much in common over the last few months it's been really nice to talk to someone that completely understands what I'm taking about and stressing about.
Yeah me too! Although I would never wish a complication on anyone's pregnancy, I have to say that I was relieved to find someone else out there having a baby with SUA. I think you are right, we are both going to have healthy babies, maybe they just won't be huge. Which honestly is fine by me. Like I said, my first daughter weighed six pounds eleven ounces, which I guess by today's standards is considered on the small side, but in my eyes she was perfect so it didn't matter. And she was healthy in every way so that is what matters most. I hope your 3D goes well. I had one during my first pregnancy and they are so cool. I haven't had one this time and probably won't. It's kind of disappointing because I remember seeing my first daughter during the 3D and you could totally see what she looked like. It was really cool. So yes, let's keep in touch through the rest of our pregnancies and keep each other updated.

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