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I am really worried and confused I am 32wks 5days I had an u/s today to monitor her growth being I found out a 20wks she has SUA (single umbilical artery) they told me then that there was a big chance of low birth weight preterm labor and all so I have been watched really closely. I started having contractions Thrus. at 33w6d they was regular and some was intense I was giving a shot to stop them and put on bed rest. Well today I went for my
32wk appt had an U/S she weights 4.9lbs they said at 32wks she should with 3.7lbs. They said it looks like she is going to be a real big baby being at my 28 week appt she was 2.9lbs so she gained 2lbs in 4 weeks the dr said if I go full term to my c-section date that he thinks she will be a good 8lbs or bigger I asked the dr about the contractions that I had been having he asked if I had the steroid shots to help with the lung developement and I haven't he said that he's not worried about her lungs that she would be fine if I went in labor now. I asked about bed rest to maybe help stop the contractions and he said no need just rest more and drink more He said she was big enough that he didn't see where she would have any problems. I was having some mild contractions in the office all he said if they get any worse go to L&D.I guess my question is, Is is to early to have her I will be 33 weeks Fri. He acts like it's no big deal I am worried to death I don't want to have her early I am happy that she is growing really fast but just because she is almost 5lbs don't mean I want to have her just yet. I think she needs to stay where she is at and take in all that she can. I don't know if I have a reason to worry or not I just know that I have read so much about babies born to early having all kinds of problems my brother was born 8 weeks early and he is mentally challenged. What do you ladies think.

Sorry if this sounds like I am just rambling but I am really worried Dh don't seem to be concerned he is like the dr she is big enough now that she will be fine. Maybe I am just worring over nothing but it just seems to be to early to me.

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