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I'm still fighting with this problem too, ill be 16 weeks tomorrow. i had it extremely bad at the beginning, all around my chin especially. its definitely gotten better as the weeks went on. I read that the "pregnancy glow" that women get has a lot to do with the fact that your face is producing more oil which in some women gives them a "glow" and in other women reaks havoc in the acne department. just try to wash your face at least 2-3 times a day and dont touch it alot with your hands. you can't use certain acne medications while you are pregnant so definitely either check with a dermatologist or your doctor before you start using any. i read to stay away from salicylic acid but my doctor said use products with 2% or less salicylic acid, and thats fine. dont use proactiv or anything like that.

this is a weird suggestion but wash your pillow cases once ever couple days. now that a lot of us have to sleep on our sides, your pillow case will get more oil on it during the night from our face. i used to sleep on my back every night until i had to switch to my sides because of my growing belly but i have noticed that if i dont wash my pillow case every couple days, i will get breakouts on my cheeks. ive never had acne on my cheeks before and i know its from my sleeping position.

hope this helps! i wish i had more of the "pregnancy glow" instead of the "acne glow" ;)

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