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what will i be looking foward into this week?? I just got back from my OBGYN and she said i was 2cm and 70% effaced. She also said i was thininh out nicely and any day now?? Im 38 weeks and just curious, after my appt, i been feeling pain in my stomach that i NEVER had before.. what can i be looking forward too??
It does sound like you're getting close! Let's just put it this way--when you actually deliver your baby, your cervix will be 10cm dilated, and 100% effaced (thinned out). Did she strip your membranes or anything? Sometimes that will help a person go into labor, so if she did that, maybe it's contractions you're feeling? It could also just be more intense braxton hicks if they're not at all regular.
So, it could be any day now, just like your ob said! But also keep in mind that sometimes (particularily if this is your first baby), it can take a long time (a few weeks, even), before you go into active labor, even if you are dilated, and effaced.
Good luck!!

Whiskers :)

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