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Hi ladies,

How is everyone feeling today?? I hope you're all great! We are getting so close, and everybody is doing so good with keeping them inside for as long as possible.

Lost--I totally know how you feel... Pregnancy just seems to blow every emotion up, just that much more, you know? It does that for me anyways--if I'm having a bad day, even somebody looking at me the wrong way, or saying something that doesn't sit right with me can COMPLETELY ruin the rest of it for me, and I'm not good at hiding it from anyone when I'm in a bad mood! Needless to say, I've had a lot of bad days this pregnancy... But things for me are getting better, I think because I'm so close to the end, I really see the light at the end of this emotional turmoil of a tunnel.... Although I know I'll be agitated, and crazy emotional once the baby comes, but it shouldn't be long before we're smooth sailing on the emotional front! Hang in there sweetie, some people just don't understand us pregnant ladies... Men, mostly.

Eloise--Great to hear from you again! I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you... Anyway, I may have another girl to join the Feb. "team"! Only time will tell.... I'm so glad that I waited to find out because now (at 37 weeks), I'm SUPER excited to find out the sex of the baby!

Xine--glad to hear that baby's measuring nice and healthy! You know, I just love my doctor, but one thing about her is that she never says how big she thinks the baby is--she just says what the "average" size is (at whatever time I ask), and says my baby is average. Maybe she doesn't have THAT much experience under her belt, and she doesn't want to just make a guess, and have it be completely off, or something... So anyway, with Liam I had NO idea what to expect (size wise), although he did indeed end up being "average"--7lbs 8oz. And I don't know what to expect this time either. I'm guessing probably about a half lb. bigger maybe? Who knows...

Amy--YES, YES, YES on the exhaustion!!!! I feel like I could sleep just about all the time. And it's not only that--my body just doesn't want to do anything. My house is always a mess, which I absolutely hate--I'm kind of a nut about cleanliness. I'm wishing I would've enjoyed my being able to do nothing towards the end of my last pregnancy, because now I feel like I'm working 24/7 just about with taking care of Liam, and 37 at weeks... It's just tiring. Not to mention that now I'm kind of having that "pregnancy insomnia", and I lie down to take a nap or to go to bed at night, and my brain just won't let me fall into a full sleep for some reason... Once I do fall asleep though, I'm out for good and it's really tough to get back up, even if it's 8 hours later. Anyway, hang in there--the beginning of Feb. is not far off!

Shilpa--my little one seems to be on the extreme side too, as far as being active goes! I guess I only have one other baby to compare this one to, but Liam was nowhere near as crazy as this baby is! S/he is just about always moving around in there, it seems. It can get exhausting on the mommy's part, too! I don't know about you, but when my lo is moving around so much I can hardly breathe... In regards to your baby's weight--I think you're about on target. The ladies are right. The baby puts on about a half pound a week in the last trimester (I think.... or maybe it's the last month? Anyway, he'll gain quite a lot from now until he's born), so he should be at a really good weight. Besides that, they consider a "healthy weight" to be anything above about 5.5lbs, I think, so you have nothing to worry about.

Barton--I never realized how late in the month your due date was! Maybe you'll go early, since it's your third? Not too early hopefully, but anything around the 38 week mark is great, I think! Any better idea of how baby's laying?

Well ladies, this is quite a long post already, but I just thought I'd let you know that my baby made the big flip on his/her own!!! :D I swear it was late Tuesday night (I had my ob appointment on Wednesday morning). I know earlier on Tuesday evening, I could definitely feel the head right where it had been for weeks, and then when I was laying in bed trying to sleep that night, it was all over the place! And I couldn't of been happier to hear the doctor say that s/he had flipped to vertex! I'm so relieved--now I guess all I have to worry about is that s/he won't decide to turn back... :dizzy: I've heard that they usually won't though because there's more room this way (head down), and once they discover that they usually prefer it. Also because that head is so heavy, it's tougher for them to make it back upright. Anyway, other than that things have been ok for me--I've definitely not been feeling very well though. I don't know how to describe it. I don't feel "sick", but I just don't feel well. I have a lot of crampy feelings in my tummy, lots of bh's, tired, I'm really starting to swell (I notice it a lot in my feet and hands), and MUCH more back and hip pain than before--I think this has something to do with the baby being head down now. Also, I've been going #2 a LOT more than what's normal for me lately (sorry, TMI!! :o), so that's not overly pleasant.

Well ladies, that's it for me. Can't wait to read more of your updates soon!! Take care, girls.

Whiskers :wave:

P.S. Has anybody packed their bag yet??? I REALLY need to get this done... Hopefully today. Anybody have any good ideas of stuff to bring, that isn't on a typical "hospital bag list"?

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