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Hey ladies,

It's been a little while since I have been on... Been busy doing some baby shopping lol. I see you ladies are all great and some know what they are having.... YEAH!!! I too got my gender ultrasound... I thought I was at 16 weeks when I went in but the ultrasound said I was at 17 weeks 4 days... A little shocked lol but we are having a baby boy. My fiance is so happy, we were hoping for a little boy for our first... My brother has two girls so we feel we have had girl time, lol. We picked out his name... Joseph Edward Rankin. We are going to call him Joey for short. We picked out the girl name too just incase it pops out a girl but I hear it's more common to mistake a boy for a girl then the other way around.

On a previous message someone asked if anyone else feels the baby move. I too felt him move in my 16th week. I am now 19 weeks and he is such a squirmy little thing omg and he is already kicking me lol. I feel when he turns but when he kicked I cannot believe it... Only between 8 and 9oz and kicks that hard the little guy must have good strong legs!!!! Oh it was so cute in the ultrasound we saw the little guy scratching his head, it was the cutest thing. I got it on tape so hopefully I can post to the internet soon for all to see. My question to you girls is can you see or feel where your baby is in your uterus? I can definatly feel his possition but sometimes I will see a little bulge in my belly and when I go to rub it I can feel him move a little in that spot... It's pretty awsome!

My biggest issue right now is horrible dreams :(... I keep having nightmares about myself or my baby. I almost don't want to go to sleep. I think I am just over worried and am trying to make sure I do everything right. It's so hard to watch everything I do and eat and when I eat something and then later someone tells me it wasn't a good idea I freak out. Pregnancy is a toss up, it's so cool to be pregnant and such a pain at the same time!!! LOL (No pun intended)

I also read that someone was having the UTI starting symptoms... Yep had those the other day. Unfortunatly I have had them my entire life up to 7 times a year.... Yuck!!!! So I have been trying to avoid it because I am scared to go on antibiodic when preggers, I know THEY say it's safe but something about it freaks me out. So I have been drinking a glass (4-6oz) of cranberry juice... 100% juice (make sure the ingredience are just water and cranberry or cranberry concentrate, don't get added ingredients like grape or other fruits) and then down a 16oz water right after to dilute it, making sure to drink lots of water in the day (adding lemon helps too), wearing cotten underwear (changing often), soaking a clean wash cloth (toilet paper works too) with water and ringing it out so that it dripples down my whoo hoo a few times to wash off bacteria and last this is TMI but I sleep without underwear to get a nice cool breeze down there and keep it from stuffing up (I keep toilet paper by the bed for wipeing if I leak a little too much). If it starts getting kind of bad I down a lot of water before bed too... It keeps me up peeing all night but it cleans out the bladder and I wake up feeling pretty good down there. I also shave down there (Everything), I do it because I feel the bacteria doesn't cling to the hair and that alone caused my UTI's to go from 7 a year to 1 a year (If I got any at all).. But keeping it short and clean works good too. Also some UTI can be caused by yeast so I try to eat a lot of yogurt too. Anyway those are my little tricks I thought I would share with you all maybe you knew all of that stuff but wanted to share and try to help.

Well, enough of my rants and raves lol... Have a great week ladies!!!! Oh and congrats on your little ones! :angel:

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