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Re: Hcg Question
Mar 23, 2009
I am a graduate from the IF boards and I will give you a low down of my history with hcg because I don't think there's a be all-end all with this as far as numbers being low. With my very first BFP from an FET, my number was only 9.5 and then 2 days later it was negative. On my next BFP with a fresh IVF, it was a 28 (at 14dpo)and they told me that was low. They made me do 3 more blood tests to make sure it was doubling and the hcg more than doubled each time and I went on to have a very healthy pregnancy.:D When I was trying for baby #2, I got pregnant again with a fresh IVF and my number came back at a 67. While my RE thought that was low, I was ecstatic because it was more than double what it was with my daughter. But, sadly 2 days later, it only went up to 87 and then to a 94. It never even doubled,:( so it ended in a chemical. Now, I am pregnant again. And my first number came back at a 677!!:eek: I am 12 weeks along with twins!! I know there are averages but I really don't think it matters what the number starts out at as long as it doubles and yours have, so don't worry! Good luck!!:angel:

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