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I had my checkup today & got to schedule my c-section. It will be the 29th of July. I'm so excited to have a definite date when I'll be able to see my little guy & that it is a week before my due date is even better!! I will have the same doctor, nurse & pediatrician that delivered DD, but hopefully this experience will be much better than her vaginal delivery. Only 8 more weeks, yay!!

I was upset that I gained 10 lbs over the past month :eek: putting my total gain at 25 lbs. 2 weeks on steroids will really help you gain weight, lol! The doctor wasn't concerned considering that I gained 60+ lbs with DD, had preeclampsia & spent the last month on bed rest. She says I'm doing much better nowI had some sugar in my urine, but my blood sugar was fine. I had eaten 2 snack size Twix bars before my appt... won't do that again! I am starting to swell as well & also had some protein in my urine, but my BP is ok. I'm having to take my wedding rings off after a couple of hours & it really bothers me to walk around pregnant without my rings.

The doctor did refer me to a chiropractor for my hips, tail bone & lower back. I'm worried about going but I'm not going to a bone-cracking chiropractor, I'm going to one who works with the muscles. I am so hoping it will help, I am hurting pretty bad, especially after a 12 hour shift at work:(

Little man seems to have already settled into a sleep/wake cycle. He is usually active every 3-4 hours for about an hour at a time. I haven't noticed hiccups, but he is so active, he's hard to keep track of! He isn't so shy now when DH or DD try to feel him. I love it when DD lays her head on my belly to hear, feel & talk to him, it's so cute!

We aren't doing childbirth classes because of our schedules. They are only offered on Wednesday nights & I work every other Wednesday night, DD has piano & DH barely gets home in time to trade off DD. We did it with DD & I can't imagine things have changed too much in 7 years plus I work where I will deliver & am familiar with how things are done.

Someone mentioned being tired again & I am right there with you! I am exhausted! I fell asleep tonight right after dinner, I'm not even sure that I swallowed the last bite!

I'm having my showers at the end of the month also. The girls at work are doing one on the 18th & my family is doing one on the 27th. I feel kinda weird having 2 showers, everyone keeps asking what I want. I hate telling someone "buy me this..." (unless it is DH or my Mom, lol) especially since some of it is expensive. (Small rant... I can't believe how outrageously expensive baby gear has gotten!!! Trying to find a decent high chair in a boy print in this area for less than $100 was impossible! The car seat I wanted when DD was a baby is "100 MORE now! WTH?!) I keep telling them to look at my registries, but I think they irritate some people & I don't understand why? Some ask me what I want, I tell them a place where a whole bunch of stuff at different prices I would like is listed & they seem offended?

We've started changing the spare room from DD's playroom to the baby's room. We have ALOT more to do & I really hope I start nesting soon! I can't wait to see everything done! Our theme is going to be Alphabet Soup by CoCaLo.

I'm sorry that I've rambled on and on, thank you if you've made it this far!

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