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Ok, this may be a dumb question, but if you're pregnant, what is the soonest you could have any of the symptoms? Some one told me that the only symptom that you'd get before the first couple of months is morning sickness, but I've got major cramps, like period cramps but my period isn't for like 3 weeks yet. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not. I have to wait to find out. But I was just wondering if it was possible to get symptoms earlier on, or does it really depend on the person?

I actually got cravings a week after I was pg thinking back.I craved a&w onion rings and burgers for a couple weeks.No sickness,just cravings,then my boobs were really sore.That's all I can say.As for cramps,if you are pg just to say,and it gets worse go to emerg.I didn't know I was pg for 5 weeks.I found out the 6th week.{You know when your pg because they add 2 weeks.}So technically I was 4,but anyways,i found out I was pg.On thankgiving morning in 1999,I woke up with heavy duty cramps.I called my mom asking her what a miscarriage felt like.She didn't know,she told me to call hospital maternity ward.So I did.They said it sounded like my "ligaments"were stretching.Well this was no ligaments.I went to emerg.and ended up having surgery for an "ectopic pg."[baby on your tubes ]The symptoms I had were a normal pg,pg test turned blu etc.So just in case you may be pg,get checked for those cramps.If it doesn't show on a home pg test,see doc to confirm.

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