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You really shouldnt worry about early sigsn as they can be misleading. PMS signs often can be mistaken for pregnancy signs. Also the signs vary from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. Heck I have been pregnant twice and they only had one thing in common and that was at 6 weeks pregnant morning(evening) sickness set in. Everything else was totally opposite.
The only sure fire way to know if you are pregnant or not is to wait and take a test. You can either wait 17 to 20 days after the time you had unprotected sex and then take a test or wait for your period and see if it comes or if it is unusual and then take a test. Or if you want you can see your doctor and have a blood test done..they can be done a week to a wek and half after conception.
Also you need to consider the fact you can get stds this way also. So you need to make your partner use condoms no matter what he says to you. You should look at the various PROPER forms of birth control also. It is better to be on something for yourself as well as use condoms.

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