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Some of you might remember that I have an on-going battle with premature labor and am at high risk to deliver preterm. Today I am 33 weeks and saw my doctor for my weekly visit. She is very honest with us, and that does not leave much room for re-assurance!

I have been on partial bedrest since 28 weeks, and on modified bedrest (alot more strict) since thanksgiving thanks to frequent, regular contractions and cervical changes. I am presently dialated between 1 and 2 cm and something like 70 - 80% effaced, and baby is ready to go. I am not allowed to do any lifting, housework, or even stand up for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Today the doctor told us that she has already sent my chart to the hospital. At this time she is hoping I will make it another 2 weeks ... that would most likely land baby in the NICU for a few days. On top of that, we also found out that during my first labor it is highly likely that I had a partial abruption (placenta separated too soon) and that is why is was so hard on both me and baby. This increases the likelyhood of it happening again alot (even tho there is no indication it happened during my 2nd labor, which was induced).

I know those of you that are getting close sometimes wish for the baby to just come already - even if it is a little early ... I envy you that peace of mind!! I am so terrified that my baby wont wait until 37+ weeks!! And now I am scared of going into labor naturally, as well!

Sorry this was so long ... I just really needed to get it all out. It is bad enough that I am likely to only be in labor for under an hour, all this other stuff is really starting to get to me!!

Stephanie (7), Caitlen (5), Arica (1), Kai Thomas EDD 1-23-03

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