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This is exactly my situation too after my last pregnancy in 2007 . I can draw a pain graph for each month and it is exactly the same . There are sharp pains at or around the hard lump for almost 10 - 13 days and then there is little or no pain until the day next cycle starts . I had several ultrasounds & a CT scan back in 2010 and they said it was scar tissue from the C-Section . If you have new info on this please do post.

I lostmy insurance and still haven't gotten it again. But i didn't want to be rude so i decided to answer b/c i know how difficult it is to find answers. It definitely isnt scar tissue atleast in my case and with what u are describing with your pain and the time frame i'm almost certain we havethe same issue. I've had someone i know recently have surgury for it and he case sounded the same as ours. It was in fact endometrisois it happened to get outside of the uturus durning surgury and continue to grow with each one of her periods. I don't know about your case but mine has definitely gotten a LOT bigger right now is 4days into my cycle and its(the lump) is hard as a rock, feels like its ridgey well dont know if that's the right term but its not all smooth and sysmetrical and it is about the size of atleast 3-4 finger tips in length and 2-3 finger tips long i can not hadle this pain anymore andif yours hurts half as bad as mine then you are in the same boat as me. But if you have insurance and see a dr reguarly ask him/her about endometriosis that came out of the uturus during you section and got trapped either in you abdomen wall or inside you csection scar(which may be the reason they think it is scar tissue) imgetting ready to go up next wk to the local health dept. to see if i could work out some payment plan but good luck to you...have yourdr refer you back to an obgyn dr. im pretty sure they willbe more familiar with something like this.
I also have a hard lump about 2 inches above my c-section scar. It's about the size of a grape. I was extremely bruised in that area after my c-section. My OBGYN said the brusing was from the assisting dr's hand holding me open! Ughhh! My son is 15 months old & the brusing just now went away, but I am left with that lump. I just went back to my OBGYN and she is saying she thinks it may be a hernia? I find that hard to believe! She wants me to have an MRI, but I have private insurance & it's very expensive. My husband thinks I'm just being vain & refuses to pay $500 for an MRI just to tell me it's scar tissue or that it's nothing. I'm very upset & worried about my lump also. Does yours disappear when you lie down?
[QUOTE=Cjaebby;4988001]I have the exact same issue. I had my son when i was only 16 and hr was born very premature, therefore, had to be delivered throw an emergency c-section (vertically) When he was 2 i noticed a small lump beside my scar and as time passed it started becoming VERY painfull expecially during my menstral cycle. Ive had a CT scan, an ultrasound and many painfull doctor visits, leaving them all with no answers. The pain is unexplainable and now the lump has become rock hard. I need help! Idk what to do. If u find any answers please share them with me!![/QUOTE]

I am too looking for answers...this seems text book because many ate describing the SAME EXACT thing!!! I had a c section for twins 16 years ago, I have a hard lump above the c section that gets bigger every month when my period has gotten progressively worse, causes a lot of pain and has caused me to miss doctor seems to know or care. They say it is scar tissue from the c section, but this is wayyyyy more then that!! I've also lost my fertility and I believe it has something to with it! I need a good doctor to fix this, no matter what the cost!! I NEED HELP!!

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