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... I too have heard that is comes from the cats waste from eating raw meat and or other animals. I have 6 cats and 3 litter boxes, they are all indoor cats only. I don't worry to much about getting toxoplasmosis. My vet said that the outdoor cats are more likely to get it. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you! I feel a lot better about it. My husband is around so he can change the litter for me. Thanks again for the help everyone, you guys are awesome! :) (13 replies)
... outdoor cats that carry this. ... (13 replies)

... It isn't certain cats that get toxoplasmosis. It is common in all felines, but not in the cat itself, in their stool. Thus, try not to clean the litter box. ... (13 replies)
... and was wondering how likely it is that she would have toxoplasmosis. I could get pregnant at any time and am trying to take any precautions. Thanks!! ... (13 replies)
... I beleive that Toxoplasmosis runs in the litter. You can also get it from under cooked meat. ... (13 replies)
... I've also heard it has something to do with the cats' waste. But I think it only become dangerous after it has been sitting for two days or so. ... (13 replies)
... What I was always told it was from eating mice, birds, ext that are infected, then they get it, carry it, and then it is in the cats stool from that point on. I would say not to worry. ... (13 replies)
... Hope you get a BFP soon! ... (13 replies)
... I just read, your chances of having your child infected with it is 1 in 10,000! So, I wouldn't worry too much. Easier said then done, but it is really not likely at all. (13 replies)
... Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better. BTW, I'm in Southern Washington, its nice to see someone from the same state! :) (13 replies)
... I was very worried about toxiplasmosis with my cat, I have had him for two years, and when I talked to my doctor she told me that there was nothing to worry about. She said that if I had him for at least a year I would probably already be immune to toxiplasmosis even if he did have it. She also said to make sure not to let him outside or feed him raw meat. If you are still... (13 replies)
... One of my friends was really freaked out about it, and she just had a baby, so she freaked me out too. I feel much better!! (13 replies)
... Thank you! (I needed an excuse to quit changing the litter anyway, lol!). I also read that you can't garden. Darn!! (13 replies)
... Yep..I have 6 indoor cats. I did not have them tested. I do not change their litter boxes. From what I understand... cats get toxoplasmosis from eatting other animals and raw meat or infected meat. The only way you can get it is though the cats feces. ... (3 replies)
... I can't possibly explain how difficult it is to get your head and your feelings around those 3 words, but it does eventually happen. ... (4 replies)
Jan 29, 2006
... The only way you can get toxoplasmosis is to somehow ingest fecal matter. There are a number of ways you can avoid this. ... (4 replies)
... Well I was concerned about this considering I have two cats that go in and out all the time. I was told by so many people, get rid of the cats your going to get sick. Well I really dont want to do that so I asked and he said there is no need as long as I dont change the litter box at all. ... (27 replies)
... I have a cat, and I still clean out her litter box, I do it everyday. I wear rubber gloves when I actually change out her litter and disinfect the pan. ... (27 replies)
... you really need to call your dr., everyone is right that it can turn into a nasty infection.the dr's get a lot of stupid questios and yours isn't stupid. ... (11 replies)

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