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... When I first joined this board I was impressed with the labor stories that other ladies posted. They made me feel more confident and helped prepare me for my labor. ... (6 replies)
... after the easiest, fastest labor I could imagine. I was told that my labor was so fast because my water had been broken AND my cervix was ripe. Ideal conditions. ... (9 replies)
... Humm odd that so many drs are gung ho for induction that soon being overdue. Both my drs said they would wait til 2 weeks overdue. With my first son I tried everything short of Castor oil. ... (21 replies)

Apr 29, 2005
... but that my cervix was soft and if my body would just start the contractions, then some real labor could start. I have to go back into the dr. ... (1 replies)
... he had high blood pressure and was a few days away from her due date and they told her to come in the next morning to be induced. We hung out that night and told stories and took pictures and the next morning on the drive to the hospital her water broke and by the time she got to the doctor she was in labor. ... (7 replies)
... home, surrounding by people I love, who are cheering me on in MY ability to give birth, no screaming at me telling me what to do. I will relax and ENJOY my next labor and birth. ... (11 replies)
... any stories on how long it took to go into labor afterwards ... ... (0 replies)
... I had 1 for all three kids. Some would say that it will tend to slow down the delivery, but in my vase I was in labor at total of 2 hours from induction to delivery. I was completely numb with this last one. ... (15 replies)
... I'm actually hopin to try this time around. I was induced with DS and guess I got lucky cause I dont have an horror stories, and it comes to it I will go through induction again. More than likely will. ... (6 replies)
... effaced, 1 cm, and head is at 0 station. I have had no more progress in the past 2 weeks...i am concerned because doc says she will start talking about possible induction at 39 weeks. I reeaally donot want to be induced at the hospital.. ... (6 replies)
... i was 36 weeks my little girl was very low i was about two centermeters and 80 - 90 % effaced i was induced because my previouos labor was so fast they were nervous i would nt make it to hospital in time ( i went from 2 to 8 centermeters in less than an hour the first time whole thing was just under 2 hours ) they started potocin at 8 in the morning and broke my water at... (3 replies)
... He told me that most first time mom's are in labor for at least 24 hrs. I agreed and went in 7am on the 28th to be induced. I wasn't prereg'd so I had to do that. ... (3 replies)
... The contractions with the Pitocin are very intense! My 2nd labor was only about 10 hrs though, compared to over 20 hrs with our 1st child. ... (3 replies)
... they wanted to artificially speed up your labor. Most women will go into labor within 24 hours after AROM. ... (11 replies)
A few questions!?
May 20, 2006
... Well i had a doctors appt. yesterday and he is worried about the baby being big and offered an induction at 38 32.4 weeks now but im debating on if i should..i hear some stories how being induced makes labor slower and more painful... ... (7 replies)
... days of labor. I went in Wed. for an induction and got to 5 cm after 12 hours at which point they considered it "failed". ... (78 replies)
... minutes. She did not want to induce, becauise of the complications that induction can sometimes cause, so she waited the darn thing out. Finally her water broke, and she had her baby three hours later. Wow is all I can say. ... (66 replies)
... He tried separating my membranes to help labor get going but no labor. Just lots of contractions that day. I lost my mucous plug yesterday morning but I know thats no indication of when labor will start. ... (42 replies)
... Anyway, I know this isn't true for everyone, but I wanted to post how wonderful my labor experience was. ... (4 replies)
August Mommies 24
Jul 23, 2004
... Makes me happy to go see him. And he scheduled my induction to where he is on call all night that nigh even though he thinks i will have the baby by lunch time because my last labor was so quick. ... (59 replies)

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