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... Yulia, the first trimester is the hardest to get thru! ... (4 replies)
... I am currently 33 weeks and also have IBS so I know how scared you must feel. I have had weeks where I am constatnly running to the bathroom especially the first trimester and then I have had weeks were I am not doing too well. ... (4 replies)
... I was wondering if any of you had severe gas pains in your upper abdomen during the first trimester of your pregnancy? ... (11 replies)

... I am so glad I tripped over this message board! I am having some serious gas pains, and I thought at first that maybe something was wrong, or that it was just me. Thank God it's not! ... (12 replies)
Major gas!!!
Feb 15, 2006
... I don't think I have it as bad as you do, but yeah, I've noticed an increase in the gas area. Can't really say when to expect it to go away, though....every woman is different.... ... (3 replies)
... My asthma flared up quite badly in my first trimester and then settled down to what it was pre-pregnancy once I headed into my second trimester. Hopefully some other asthmatic mothers can enlighten us on whether they had problems during labour... ? :) (4 replies)
Gas Pains???
Aug 4, 2006
... esp. in the first trimester. It could have been something you ate. I always recommend walking around if you can. If it doesn't go away in a day, then call your doctor. ... (2 replies)
... Well I had my first OB appointment today.. ... (3 replies)
... rting to ease so that it is not constant. the prenatal vitamins can cause problems with your bowels as well. Another thing to avoid is carbonated beverages and gas producing foods such as cabbage and beans. ... (13 replies)
... As you see, you are not on your own with the worrying! I am exactly the same. It seems it is completely normal, especially with your first pregnancy, you don't know what to expect, you hear all the horror stories about things that go wrong. ... (9 replies)
No sexual desire
Sep 7, 2007
... You're not alone. My sex drive went up initially in the first trimester, but by the end of the first trimester, it had dwindled down to almost nothing. I'm 26 weeks now and could care less about sex. ... (5 replies)
... I'm right there with you on the migraines. When I'm not pregnant I usually only get them once or twice a month, but this pregnancy I've been getting about one a week, but luckily all have lasted less than 12 hrs. unlike my regular ones. My dr. ... (102 replies)
... ambition to get it done. I have an OB appointment later this morning and I asked my mom to put DD down for a nap over at her house so I'll have time to paint the first coat today. ... (754 replies)
... My first 2 were very easy, no real compliants. ... (5 replies)
... just plain old annoying GAS! I had terrible gas pains during the first trimester, often thinking it was cramping and I was losing the baby! ... (2 replies)
5 days late!!!
Jun 25, 2004
... With my first pregnancy, I had no symptoms and then REALLY BAD cramps and bleeding. ... (7 replies)
Is This Normal?
Jan 2, 2008
... I definitely understand the 2 hour commute with nausea, I'm 5 months pregnant now but during the first trimester I had a 90 minute commute to school and actually had to withdraw from my college because I was too sick to make the drive. ... (11 replies)
October Moms?
Feb 6, 2006
... I just got an BFP yesterday and again this morning, this is also my first so I am very excited!! We have been TTC for 3 years and have had a long bumpy road, but I guess it has finally paid off! ... (112 replies)
June Mommies
Jan 27, 2008
... I had a 4D at 18 weeks. We tried to find out the sex, and the baby was soo not cooperating. So the tech busted out the 4D one, OMG the baby was so cute, sucking its thumb. The pictures are amazing. I am going to have them done again at 30 weeks. They have package deals down here at this place. Where you get it burnt on a dvd with music.. (22 replies)
June Mommies
Jan 27, 2008
... baby move, but it is hard to tell the movements apart from other things going on down in the area. I know it is not the usual stretching that happened during the first trimester, but it does resemble gas moving around in a way. ... (22 replies)

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