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Pregnancy symptoms
Mar 25, 2005
... ut negative, on the 23rd I got my pd. so then I thought for sure that I wasnt but I still have most of the symptoms, this time my pd is a little bit different my cramps were stronger and for me it usually lasts 7 days but its barely the 3rd and it seems like its the last day. Is it possible that I had my pd. ... (1 replies)
... Flying will not be a problem at all. It is perfectly safe this early in pregnancy, if yo uare indeed pregnant. Keep in mind though that if htere is a hot tub or jacuzzi where you are staying, do not use it!! Anything that overheats your body and raises your body heat is dangerous for the baby. It can cause birth defects or possibly a miscarriage. I too have bee having... (8 replies)
Pregnancy symptoms
Jan 23, 2003
... you know that little icon-thats how i feel-i cant keep still-i have cramps and feel extrememly tired like an hour after i get out of bed and i think i am about ready to give in-nappy time-i wanted to blame it on other things so that i dont get my hopes up-like our new puppy-or not getting to bed until 9 but i cant use... (13 replies)

Pregnancy symptoms
Jan 23, 2003
... You had asked me if i had gotten a AF yet. Well, no i havent. I have had mild cramps and i have had some dis. but it was almost like a yeast infection and i had heard that could be another sign because of what your body is going through. ... (13 replies)
... tender around this time of the month, I have noticed they feel fuller and also the nipple is a bit larger. I would usually be getting at least some light stomach cramps around this time in my cycle, but have had nothing else to indicate my period is on the way. ... (5 replies)
... I was extremely tired, but otherwise had no symptoms until about 8 weeks, them BAM, I got them all at once (nausea, heart burn, cramps, sore boobs, etc). I tested because I was late, otherwise I had no clue. (11 replies)
... i felt nausea 4 days before af was even due and had cramps at 4 days post ovulation so yes you can feel symptoms early. ... (6 replies)
... I actually though I was getting my period. I spotted a couple days before I expected to get it (which I was doing since I have been off the pill), I had sore boobs, some cramps... then the spotting stopped after two days and nothing... So I took a HPT and it was positive. I actually had taken one a couple days before because I couldn't wait and it was negative... So I was very... (10 replies)
Pregnancy symptoms
Jan 23, 2003
... are these the symptoms ive been waiting for? ... (13 replies)
... I have IBS as well. As a whole I've been able to keep my IBS under control for the last year or so but since getting pregnant I've wondered if I'm having IBS or pregnancy symptoms after I eat. I feel exactly like I do when I'm having an IBS flare up. ... (4 replies)
... i had cramps 4 days post ovulation and nausea 4 days before af was due. on the boobies front mine did not get saw until week 8 but we are all different. ... (11 replies)
... ad any sexual activity, the middle of september, and since then I've had one light period. I stopped taking my birth control a month afterwards due to the strong cramps I had with it and it's not unusual for me to only have a period every 6 months or so when not on the pill. ... (4 replies)
... culated I am not supposed to start until tomorrow so i will just have to continue to wait. I hate this waiting game and the not knowing for sure. I don't feel AF cramps at all nor do I feel like she is coming. My breast are so sore and the veins are real blue on them. But that can also mean AF is coming soon. ... (14 replies)
... update.. I still havent done the home test. How accurate are these things so early on? Ok, just today I have started getting light stomach cramps and also a small amount of blood (red and brown). I know I should just go to the docs. Do you think its just my period starting late, or could this also be a sign of the big P? I hear most spotting when the embryo is implanted... (5 replies)
... as a possible cause to the symptoms she is having. ... (23 replies)
... As you know, 5 positive pregnancy tests now signal amanda is pregnant. ... (8 replies)
... they felt like the ligament stretching cramps i had in my first pregnancy but i didnt get them until mid way though so i am so stressed cause i am only 7. ... (51 replies)
... tender breast, fatigue, slight nausea, and smells made me sick. This time I really havn't felt any symptoms at all, and I have felt cramps almost every day. They are not always strong cramps more like menstrual cramps. I never had these with my first pregnancy, though. ... (1 replies)
Early Symptoms
Jan 27, 2005
... My fiance and I are trying for a baby, so I hope that I get the result that we are hoping for like you did. My AF is due a week from today, and I NEVER EVER get cramps like these just after ovulation leading towards the date of AF. My bbs are starting to ache, and a couple of days ago, I woke up and the room was spinning. ... (7 replies)
... I keep telling myself that it can't possibly be right and it must be a faulty test! The cramps I've been having have felt EXACTLY like menstrual cramps, so my question is did anyone experience this symptom early in pregnancy? ... (8 replies)

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