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... I am 26.5 weeks pregnant and have been feeling the baby since around week 17. The baby is almost always on the right side. sometimes I feel a kick or puch in the middle or down low, but I can always tell that the baby in on my right side. Is this normal? ... (7 replies)
... Hi to all! I am wondering if anyone has an explanation to the achy pain I have on my right side. I've been attributing it to stretching and growing pain. ... (1 replies)
... As long as you are sleeping on your sides, you are doing good. I have been told that laying on the right side can put pressure in the wrong spot causing the blood pressure to rise. However it causes no harm. ... (4 replies)

... iopsy. I am so worried I will not be able to have another after it or that I might have cancer due to not always getting regular paps until my husband and I got pregnant in 2007. ... (7 replies)
... Hi All, I know this post was from a loooong time ago but I just stumbled across it and thought I'd let you know that YES someone has had a baby with a pump implanted. Me. We had a relatively uneventful pregnancy has far as the pump was concerned. ... (3 replies)
Feeling The Baby
May 26, 2006
... days. My incision had irratated me early one morning, the day of one of my Ob visits. When the Doctor was checking for the babies heartbeat he found it way over on the left side where the incision was. ... (1 replies)
... Take a home pg test. (2 replies)
... First of all, my dh and I are ttc. We had sex two times two weeks ago, and I was ovulating at the time. I am not sure what is going on now, but I just don't "feel right". The thing that is bothering me the most is this hard spot on the right side of my stomach... ... (2 replies)
... the moment, sometimes if i stand up wrong i get sharp pains on the side of my stomach which is just ligaments stretching and such, but today i was sat down on a side and as i got up i had a HUGE stabbing pain in the middle of my belly where baby should be it was the same pain as i get on my side , but right in the middle? ... (127 replies)
... I ate. So after sitting in the hall in a wheel chair for almost a half hour, they cleaned out a room for me, and started strapping me up. They had two monitors on my stomach for the baby, and they checked all of my vitals. ... (17 replies)
... mind you this was a month after I set up the appt. So I went to the Doc to see why he said just for the heck of it do you want another blood test and I said sure. Well to my shock I was still pregnant!! My baby hung on untill dec 12 1997. ... (12 replies)
Sleeping on back
Nov 1, 2004
... I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am having the worst time sleeping on my side. I know that sleeping on your back can cause lack of oxygen to your baby and I am worried I am hurting it. I can't sleep on my left side because I have some heart issues and sleeping all night on my right side just hurts. ... (5 replies)
... And just like you, I still have all those same fears. I have a scan tomorrow and I still think "what if" as a matter of fact, I'm petrified to go! ... (97 replies)
... a lot of pregnant women endure... that dread to bend over and the fists in the groin at the same time as a boot in the opposite side ribs... Oh and the sucking in of breath before putting socks on hehehheeeee... ... (10 replies)
... My baby was getting only breastmilk, but I was pumping at school and he was taking one bottle a day. ... (20 replies)
... Gal bladder problems are more likely when pregnant. I too had this weird pain on the right side above my also radiates to the back sometime. I kinda just mentioned it to my ob and she suggested an ultrasound to check my gal bladder. I had nausea also luckily no vomiting. ... (2 replies)
... e. He told us not to worry at all, that he see's this all the time. He said all the parts of her brain were there and looked completely normal. He thinks this is just her "normal" and she's just small. I dont think either myself or my husband have small heads, but we are both on the shorter side....Im 5'1 and he's 5'5. ... (5 replies)
... I'm fine, but I think my baby is insane. I woke up last night feeling uncomfortable, and it was immediately apparent why. ... (20 replies)
... are you on any meds for ulcertative colitis or proctitis? ... (0 replies)
... le it any longer. I usually have to take one spray in one nostril one time a day and go to bed. Migraines are debiltating for me. I get soo much pain starting on one side and spreading all over. Then come the nausea and electric spots I see in my eyes followed by dizziness and usually thwoing up. I hate it ! ... (1 replies)

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