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... I took a test yesterday even though I was sure that I was positively pg. I took it in the evening about 2 hours after I went to the bathroom last. It was negative. ... (1 replies)
... before i got positives. I'm now 12 weeks along. For whatever reason, the hCG didn't show up for a while, but I'm positively pregnant now. ... (1 replies)
... I posted on TTC board but I have to tell you girls too as both TTC and pregnancy boards were following my ordeal. ... (9 replies)

... Hey everyone. I was about 2 weeks late on my period so I went and bought a pregnancy test from the store to find out if I was or not. I had some thoughts because I was feeling nauseous for like a week. ... (4 replies)
... but they didn't show me as pregnant. I thought I had the flu .. went to the doctor and found out I was pregnant ... I say even if the home test says negative go to the doctor and confirm .. and start using another form of birth control right away, just incase! ... (3 replies)
Dec 16, 2005
... i can't say for sure but it does sound alittle like you might be with nausea etc, i wouldnt wait and go and get a pregnancy test kit and test asap then it will tell you if you are or not, if it says negative and you still haven't got your period in the next week then do another one, I did a test that can test 5-7 days before your period is due or fourteen days after conception. (1 replies)
... Did you ask why they are not doing an u/s? That seems strange to me. Especially because it could be ectopic. I would push for an u/s or maybe get a second opinion. (1 replies)
... ent to doctors to talk about my symptoms. Originally they were making it out to be as if I was crazy even though i have had no period since june. I have had two negative blood serum pregnancy tests but had a negative blood test with my second child. ... (1 replies)
Positive PG Test!
Sep 26, 2008
... go, and figured that my body just had not adjusted to being off the pill. But, my period did not seem to be coming so my fiance and I decided to buy a pregnancy test while grocery shopping. He kept saying that it would be negative, I'm always paranoid, etc. etc.'s positive. ... (8 replies)
... got lots of views, but only one response. Still looking for some thoughts. I'd appreciate a few. ... (6 replies)
Oct 9, 2005
... Valerie S, and Melky Moo...just to let you guys know...i took the pregnancy test today and it says negative... ... (25 replies)
... suspected before my period was late that I might be pregnant. Still I waited until it was five days late and my breasts started to get heavy until I tested. The test was negative so I waited a few more days. Still no AF. The next time, after some minutes, a very light pink line was sort of visible. ... (2 replies)
... Katie One of the other test mentioned was the blood test if u didnt want to wait by now ur levels are high enough to test accurate. ... (7 replies)
... i took a pregnancy test last was a digital kind, it came back with an error message, so we thought that it was deffective.. ... (5 replies)
... On Monday, even though I wasn't yet late, since I was already at the Dr's office, I had a blood test done. It came back negative. ... (0 replies)
... th. I've been having alot of the symptoms, fatigue, cramping, back pain, sore breats, headaches, more frequent urination, and nausea. I took a home pregnancy test on Sept 26th and it was negative. But i'm still experiencing all the symptoms. Could I be pregnant or is there maybe something else wrong with me? ... (3 replies)
... didn't tell my mom yet about the second time. I'm almost positive that I didn't concieve on April 12th, the first time I had unprotected sex, because of the two negative test results. But, I'm worried that I may have concieved the second time on May 10th. ... (6 replies)
Is it Possible?
Aug 31, 2002
... OK this may be a stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Is it possible to be pregnant and not have the pregnacy hormone in your body? ... (4 replies)
... riend is on the pill for reasons other than to not get pregnant, and well she ran out about 2 months ago. We had sex about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I didnt get off, but she is worried about precum,could she be pregnant? ... (1 replies)
... It's driving me out of mind thinking a lot whether i could be pregnant or not? ... (6 replies)

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