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Feeling Funny
Dec 5, 2002
... symptoms you felt when you first got pregnant. I have searched the internet and found nothing on feeling faint connected to pregnancy. Any help would be great. ... (6 replies)
... This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've had this problem with them all, I don't know what causes it my blood pressure is always fine, along with everything else. but as soon as I have the baby it stops so I guess its just my bodys way of reacting when pregnant. (4 replies)
... both were very faint positives to the point I had to squint. But my kids could even see the line. So I made an apt. that very same day within that hour. ... (7 replies)

... im curious to see if anyone else has experienced these symptoms. i am 18 weeks pregnant and often have faint spells. this also occurred in my previous pregnancy. ... (5 replies)
... so faint that the nurse said it was inconclusive! Had to come back a week later to get the official positive. So hang in there! I was so eager to be pregnant too, I couldn't rely on what I was feeling, cause if you want something bad enough, you can make yourself feel whatever way you want. ... (36 replies)
... I can so sympathise with you as I have hypoglycemia as well. I've had it since I was a child and often used to faint in the mornings. I also get very, very grumpy when my blood sugar starts to get low! ... (8 replies)
... Hi there. I haven't really experienced this but I have read that the number one place where pregnant women faint is church because of all the standing. ... (5 replies)
Dec 16, 2005
... My period is about 3 days late now. I have been feeling very tired almost exhuasted which is not normal for me. I have felt this way since last wed. which was the last time i had sex. ... (1 replies)
Faint line on hpt
Oct 23, 2005
... I had this happen to me a while back. I began feeling slightly strange and new there was a possibility I was pregnant so I took a test, well 3 of them actually and all of them came out faintly positive but my period was still a few days away which is why I thought they were so faint. On the day my period was supposed to start I ended up bleeding very heavily but I thought it... (16 replies)
... I got a very faint positive line when I took the test. I had a feeling it was positive so I went to the docs later that day and in fact I was pg! ... (10 replies)
Very faint line?
Feb 22, 2002
... I took a first response pregnancy test this after noon and got an extremely faint pink line. ... (5 replies)
... at all, which is very unusual for me... Also, it lasted only about 3 days. I normally have like a 6 to 8 day period, but this time only three days... I have been feeling naseaus lately. Especially last night. I never threw up, but I felt like it. Some times I'll feel a small tug or a slight pain in my abdomen. ... (1 replies)
... hey im 24 wks pregnant now and on two occasions i started to feel really faint and my head felt like it was gunna explode nearly as i couldnt hear and my vision went blurry. ... (3 replies)
April moms to be
Aug 23, 2005
... I am shocked i have not gained weight yet as i am eating so much more than normal because i am trying to prevent sickness and feeling faint. ... (235 replies)
... Ok here's the update. I went to the doctor today and got a blood test. 5 days late...on the way home I started feeling a bit faint and nauseated. Then menstrual cramps...this is not normal for me to start a period, but alas this is how my period is starting this time. I'm not overly upset. ... (36 replies)
... Well it was about one and a half weeks untill my period was due, but my breasts were sore to the touch, I had to urinate ALOT and everytime I would lay down I would get very very queasy, not to the point of throwing up .. the just feeling. I wouldn't normally have any signs like that befor I was about to start. So I started to think then that somthing was just not quite... (7 replies)
... just a cyst, but will keep an eye on things......Apparantly the chances of this happening is 1 in 10,000.........She just told me if I start getting any pain or feeling faint a lot to go straight to emergency ! ... (64 replies)
... As far as I know, a pos is a pos, no matter how faint! I had no symptoms until about 7 weeks, just 'gut' feeling. Let us know how it turns out! ------------------ Stephanie EDD- March 13, 2003 (Hubby'sBirthday!) (9 replies)
... the "First Response" pink box!! The second line was a VERY VERY VERY faint line, but it was POSITIVE. I believe that it tests 25 units of HGC. ... (4 replies)
Need your advice
May 4, 2007
... ys late i just had to do a hpt so yesterday morning i went out to get one came home and did it right away the test read positive although the positive was rather faint so my friend gave me one of her tests the digital ones and as soon as the 2 minutes were up "pregnant" was in the result window. ... (5 replies)

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