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... I'm 38 weeks pregnant and so miserable... Any ideas on how to get the show on the road.. I'm so ready to meet my baby girl... My due date is January 30th. ... (5 replies)
... ok i am 38 almost 39 weeks i am so uncomfortable i cry my ob doesnt like inducing what can i do to start things along i have tried bding ouch!!! ... (14 replies)
... thanks guys, i guess i am going for a walk this little one will eventually come, this is actually my 4th and its another boy so i will have 4 boys.i am just so miserable i hurt every where i cant even close my legs all the way shut, my first son i was 3 days late my 2nd i went 14 days late and my 3rd son i was induced 3 weeks early do to toxemia this one is just being... (14 replies)

... Well... if you can still orgasm by yourself it will help!! The prostaglandins in semen can help to ready the cervix, but orgasm can cause mild contractions on its own, also causes the release of oxytocin. Nipple stimulation will also help, just be careful, that can cause some pretty intense contractions. Something else is Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), which you may want to run... (5 replies)
... am. With being 3 weeks early he had no problems and was 7lbs 5ozs. You can get the black Cohosh at an Herb store, It is in a little bottle witha dropper. ... (14 replies)
... 3 weeks??? geez... bless your heart!! Luckily.. most doctors will not let you go more than 7 days past your due date. So at most you probably have 2 weeks. You can do it. p.s. I think this is her 3rd?? (14 replies)
... Hey there ~ I feel for ya! If you are at work and in pain, get up and move around and stretch. Don't worry about what others think b/c it's obvious you are getting uncomfortable! I was just there about a month ago. It's tough and I was ecstatic when the doctor offered to induce me at 39 weeks. My best advice to you is to use this time to TRY and relax as much as... (5 replies)
August Mommies 24
Jul 20, 2004
... I really hope you can help me, I just can't stop crying. There are three of us on my street pregnant, all two weeks apart. We used to walk together in the evenings and were so excited about the coming of our babies. ... (59 replies)
... section then here 9 years later I still would be pregnant with ... (8 replies)
... I am 38 weeks pregnant and have been having menstrual like cramps for a couple of weeks now. I went to the doctor and was told that these were normal and nothing to be concerned about. Yesterday, these cramps became STRONG. ... (6 replies)
... Had bad pains every 20 minutes yesterday; went to hospital to get checked. They hooked me up to fetal monitor; because I was having decreased fetal movement. Baby suddenly became a wild child and was non-stop; said the pains I was having was mainly from her moving around... But man did it hurt bad....... Going to doctor tomorrow, hopefully I have dialated more. If I don't... (5 replies)
... Yeah; the wives tails are fun to try..... Only problem with the sex is that my husband is working 8 hours away from home.... :( Good chance he is going to miss the birth of his daughter. So today I'm at work; and been in pain since I sat down at my desk.... Not really contractions; but it's a steady pain that isn't easing up..... Don't know what to do? (5 replies)
... Ditto all that for me too. I have resorted to trying some of the old wives tales, mainly just to help pass the time. I have been eatting a lot of pineapple and bouncing on a birthing ball. Tonight I'm spicing up supper a bit. There's not medical proof behind any of it, but it's fun to try something different. I do know that doctors would recommend having sex. That... (5 replies)
... It is on the inside of your foot right by the ankle, like where it starts to indent. Sometimes it will start contractions, but most of the time they stop before the 5 min. for an hour thing. My friend tried everything and nothing worked, we would get her to the hospital and once they got her on a monitor, the contractions would stop and we had to drive back home. She ended up... (14 replies)
... I've heard that there's a place on your foot that if you put pressure on it, it can cause labor. But I'm not sure where it is though. Maybe call up a masseuse and they could tell you. There's also supposed ot be a pressure point in your hand. That one is the skin between your thumb and your pointer finger. Supposedly if you squeeze that it could start labor. Other than... (14 replies)
... I've heard that spicy food helps, but it could just be an old wives tale... (14 replies)
... ok i have walked all day it seems i think he is stuck in thhere my calves hurt.o-well thanks for all the great tips. tinkers wow your close too good luck to you i go to my ob tomorrow maybe i'll just cry and she'll help lol thanks again ladies. (14 replies)
... If you do stimulate your nipples do it long enough to start contractions then go to the hospital to get on a monitor, sometimes if you stimulate and are not on a monitor your baby may come to quickly, at least that's what they told my friend who was 17 days overdue. She stimulated with a manual pump, got the contractions started, went to the hospital and 2 hours later had her... (14 replies)
... I have heard that rubbing your nipples can stimulate your uterus to contract. Also having sex releases a hormone that can help you go into labor (although it sounds like you may be too uncomfortable to try) Good Luck!!! (14 replies)
... I know how you feel. I have 6 days until my due date. I feel like there is no end. My contractions are strong then stop. I've tried sex (OOH)! I've tried walking, nothing is working!!! I am at my whits end!!!! (14 replies)

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