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... I am 10 weeks pregnant now. I have low progesterone too, this is my first pregnancy and I'll be 30 when I have my baby. My progesterone at week 6 was 16. ... (5 replies)
... c in Feb. 2006 and I can't help but think my age is a factor. My progesterone at that time was 14 when tested at 5 weeks, then 17 when retested at 6 weeks. ... (5 replies)
... pregnancy test. We are so excited. We're 5weeks today. They did a Prog. level test and the level was at 15. They said that it was low and put me on 400mg of prometrium a day. I'm scared to death of miscarriage because of this level. ... (8 replies)

... c last night. The first one was in April. I have had 3 perfect pregnancies with my last one at 36. My progesterone began at 7. ... (5 replies)
... I am about 5 weeks pregnant and I was just told that I need to go on Prometrium because my progesterone had measured at 11. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you all so much for your advice! My HCG was 3400 on the first test. I hope to find out tomorrow what the new level is. My doc said it should have doubled by now. If things don't look much better he said he'd put me on the progesterone supplements. ... (5 replies)
... I am 4 weeks pregnant and my progesterone today was 45. The doctor started me on 100mg of progesterone in oil shots 2X a week beginning today. ... (3 replies)
... I bought the cream over the counter at my local drug store. It's not called Progesterone though... ... (8 replies)
... I take 200mgs of the pill form, my next appt is Jan 2nd and I'm assuming that I will get my levels checked out again.. If not I'm requesting it = ) I had my son 10 years ago and I totally forgot how stressful it was being pregnant.. Don't get me wrong I LOVE IT but when I found out about the low progesterone level my heart went into Mommy mode which made me feel that much... (11 replies)
... Please try not to be too scared. Your doctor probably prescribed progesterone supplements just to make sure that your levels don't get too low. I'm sure if there was any major cause for concern, your doctor would have told you. This is usually just a precautionary measure. ... (5 replies)
... in a 2 week period. This time my progesterone was in the teens and he said he would have like to see it a bit higher but he wasn't too concerned he put me progesterone suppositories about a week later my blood test showed my HCG levels decreasing instead of doubling every 48 hrs. ... (20 replies)
... weeks pregnant. I used Follistim and had IUI. I have been taking Progesterone 200mg tablets vaginally 3 times a day since my IUI. My Hcg level was 6,013 today, my estrodial was 1918 and my progesterone was 126. The ratio between the estrodial and progesterone was 15.2. ... (0 replies)
Dec 10, 2004
... can't remember. I had a miscarriage and then started to miscarry a second time around 8 weeks pregnant. The doctor then ran phospholipid antibody tests and a progesterone level test. I didn't have lupus, but did have low progesterone levels. ... (8 replies)
... no, i am not currently on any progesterone supplements. i will ask though just to be sure. i go to see the high risk doc on nov. ... (2 replies)
Does Provera....?
Feb 27, 2004
... How did you know you ovulated on your next cycle if you didn't have a normal AF? ... (7 replies)
... m kind of concerned that my Hcg levels are on the low side this time. I am on CD 41 but I ovulated late, so CD35 is probably more accurate, so about 5 weeks. My level was 756. Does that seem too low? ... (127 replies)
... c's. I am pregnant again, and so far have made it farther than ever without spotting. ... (5 replies)
Low progesterone
Aug 31, 2003
... c in january and it was suspected to be because of low progesterone. I became pregnant again in March and when i was 5 weeks my progesterone level was taken, it was very low so my dr prescribed prometrium. He had my levels drawn every 3 days and they continued to climb. ... (3 replies)
... as only 6 weeks! So I guess there is no right or wrong when it comes to symptoms. And DO NOT keep taking pregnancy tests. It will always come up positive even if the pregnancy has failed as there is still pregnancy material in the body. It won't show negative until the material is totally absent from the body. ... (4 replies)
... im most wondering how my progesterone level is since i know when he didnt think i was pregnant thursday from looking at the sonogram my lining was thin. ... (6 replies)

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