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... I think it's totally normal. this too is my first pregnancy, and I'm SOOO scared of giving birth!!! ... (20 replies)
... Dont laugh, but im really scared of giving birth, and when l hear about tearing and sticihin l feel so weak and sick is this normal? ... (20 replies)
... I was very afraid of giving birth. I was really anxiety stricken and stressed about the whole thing. So I joined a pregnancy yoga class and it was the best choice I made. ... (20 replies)

... If it makes you feel better I have seen plenty of books simply dealing with the fear of giving birth to help mothers through it. ... (20 replies)
... of women are very scared about giving birth the 1st time. Then the second time around it can go either way...yes, you know what to expect, but that's the know what's going to happen!! ... (20 replies)
... I was afraid of giving birth the first time. And I remember having alot of pain.... but I can't feel the pain anymore. It's a fuzzy memory, and when I think back on it I'm like "Man, that was so easy! ... (20 replies)
... I am terrified of giving birth. I am so adiment about not tearing,no cutting, no forecepts,no vacuum thing, no pitocin,ext... ... (20 replies)
... that my body is made to give birth, and that it is an honour, helped me overcome the fear. Try to visualise yourself giving birth every day, and visualise it being a positive experience. ... (20 replies)
... giving birth sucks!! but soooo many of us do it again, me 3x! so it cant be bad enough that we wouldnt do it again!! my first 2 were horrible births and i was so scared when i had my 3rd but she was a peice of cake compared!! its just 1 day in ur life and thats how i looked at it. one day is nothing. ... (20 replies)
... rom birth! She was too late for anesthesia so the doc said he could tell her a joke instead, which she found annoying. But she said that it wasn't all that bad giving birth even without the nerve block and to such a big little guy. Every woman is different and the level of discomfort she experiences is different. ... (20 replies)
... had no idea what was going to happen. But it couldn't have been all that bad, because here I am again pregnant. I'm 10 weeks, and am already feeling uneasy about giving birth again. It's very normal. ... (20 replies)
... This is my 2nd pregnancy and I am more scared knowing what happens. I have a very weak stomach, so I could not watch the videos of births in my childbirth classes the first time around. ... (20 replies)
... wow, thanks alot ladies, l think you are right l have to remember that our bodies are made to have babies and to give birth and that women every day from different religions, cultures give birth. Every woman has to go through with this if she decides to have a baby! ... (20 replies)
... And that is why they created epidurals!!! (20 replies)
... Really really scared here!! ... (20 replies)
... I laugh at myself! I wasn't scared when I had my ds. I figured women do it all the time and live to have more kids, I can do it too. lol!!! The second time is when I got scared! ... (20 replies)
... Dont worry no one heres going to laugh at you. its a scarry thing. And no one will lie either it hurts !! lol Im not afraid of birth I guess cause ive done it a few tmes already. Ill tell you what im afraid of Im afraid of the epidural. ... (20 replies)
... law when she gave birth TWICE, and when I got pregnant with my daughter, I realized I was terrified! I even went through lamaze. ... (20 replies)
... This is my first baby and I am scared. We don't have a choice now. I also hear that when you see your baby it does not even matter. (20 replies)
... Of course it's normal! This is my first pregnancy and i have no idea what to expect! All i hear are the stories stories stories and of how it hurts and blah blah, but I like to think every experience is different for every person. ... (20 replies)

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