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... We had an ultrasound today at 18 weeks and found out we are having another girl! We are so excited!!! However, they found out that the baby has a two vessel umbilical cord, which from what I can understand is the same thing as having a single artery umbilical cord. ... (4 replies)
... to see how big this one is going to be if my 6 lb 7 oz baby was considered low birthweight due to the single artery umbilical cord. ... (6 replies)
... Just found out I have an single artery umbilcal cord- anyone have expereince wiht this. I'm terribly frightened! (6 replies)

... ing isn't quite right can be VERY stressful. Try to have faith in the fact that you doctor said IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL...hard to do, I know. I have heard of "single artery umbilical cord" and have also heard of plenty of babies making it just fine with it. Your doctor WILL just monitor things much more closely... ... (4 replies)
... Hello everybody, I have been reading this board now and then, and it never sieze to amazed me to see all the helpful replies and support. This is my first time posting. I'm into my 19th weeks this week, I had an amnio done last friday after the screening result came back less than satisfactory, 1 in 95 :( The doc did a level II ultrasound before the amnio procedure, and... (4 replies)
... coiled" umbilical cord, but my wife is pregnant with twins and one of them has a condition called "single umbilical artery", where there is only one artery and one vein in the umbilical cord, where normally there should be two arteries and one vein. ... (3 replies)
... i would listen to the doc and try not to be too concerned. the internet always make things sound 100 times worse then they really are. if it was something that was very serious im sure he would have told you. try not to worry (even though thats kind of impossible when your preg) (4 replies)
... Thanks girls, you're so sweet! You really made me feel better. I am going to take your advice and listen to my own head and trust the doctor. I of course haven't seen my regular OB yet; the perinatologist is the one I spoke to yesterday. I am going to talk it over with my OB at my appointment on the 15th and see what they have to say. But overall, I am going to relax and... (4 replies)
... Hi Delia ~ Congratulations on another new little girl to love! I'm so happy for Ella to have a little sister! My sister-in-law to be had this with her son and he is absolutely perfect!!! She had about two more ultrasounds after the 20 week one and he came out just fine. He is one month older than Madeline (June 26th) and is all over the place! I think Megss gives good... (4 replies)
... Delia I know nothing about that but I wanted to congratulate you on having another girl:) What fun! I check in on you from time to time to see how you are doing. I will keep the baby in my thoughts and prayers, but I'm sure everything is fine if the doctor wasn't concerned. Maybe you could call the clinic and ask for a little more info just to put your mind at ease?... (4 replies)
... Delia - Thanks for the advice on the beta blocker. I don't like taking meds unless it's necessary, and I question whether or not it will help me or make things worse since I don't have constant symptoms, not to mention it freaks me out taking meds that interfere with my heart and brain functions. It wasn't his first recommendation either, so I'll try the support stockings... (754 replies)
... Not long now! Sounds like your baby may come early on her own with any luck. I have another ultrasound tomorrow to estimate the weight of the baby. I have already gained 35 lbs and am 36 weeks. I have a feeling this baby's going to be huge. DD weighed 6 lbs 7 oz, but I had a Single Artery Umbilical Cord with her which could very possibly mean she would have been bigger had... (13 replies)
... I'm so glad everything's okay. I had a feeling it would be, but it's nice to get confirmation. Thanks for the update! (6 replies)
... I received the results from the tests and they came back negative- no increased risk of abnormalities. The baby is measuring perfect and right now I am just going to be monitored more closely to make sure the baby (it's a GIRL!!) is growing. I feel better and really appreciate hearing form you! (6 replies)
... Thank you so much for sharing your experience and trying to help. I will keep you posted. I will hear about the tests soon. I'm not sure what the AFP test is either- ir if that's exactly what I had. It's supposed to give me a risk factor for chromosonal abnormlities- I think? I am feeling more positive and hope I'm not being too optimistic. I know stress is not good for... (6 replies)
... The doctor told me that the ultrasound looked great and she sent me to have the AFP test. They usually do it before - but I didn't want it until this issue came up. We are waiting to hear from that- but she told me that basically I would come in more often after 32 weeks and be hooked up to monitor the baby's growth and that the baby might have to be delivered early and with... (6 replies)
... In my first pregnancy, I had that situation. Doctors have come to realize that it's really not a big deal like they thought it was 10 years ago when I had my daughter. It could mean a lower birthweight baby. Mine was full-term, 6 lbs 7oz and perfectly healthy, and a normal pregnancy otherwise. At the time, my doctor insisted on an amnio, but I refused because I knew in my... (6 replies)
... I cut the umbilical cords. ... (20 replies)
... t we are having a little girl. I am so happy but i feel like I have fell off the happy cloud. I am being sent to a specialist because something is wrong with the umbilical card it is suppose to have 2 ateries and a vein well mine don't it has 1 artery and 1 vein. ... (20 replies)
... I have also heard of a single umbilical artery. ... (3 replies)

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