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... I just went to my Dr for an examination. She told me I am very soft and 2cm dilated. She then stripped my membranes and I left. So I walked to the bus stop, got the bus home and am now at home. But I am in a lot of pain. Is it normal? ... (5 replies)
... i had my membranes stripped two or three times with my first and she was still a week late!!! ... (4 replies)
Stripping Question
Apr 15, 2005
... I am 38 wks and had my membranes stripped this morning. The pain was TERRIABLE. Worse than the labor of my first baby...I thought I could handle pain. woo! Anyhoo... ... (21 replies)

... and had my membranes stripped. I lost the mucus plug in pieces all weekend. I was due the 27th. I was also 3 centimeters at the time. ... (3 replies)
Stripping Question
Apr 18, 2005
... to the point where you can't walk, talk, or sleep through the contractions. They have to be handled with breathing. It's either a low pressurey severe cramp, or back cramps. That is how I knew it was the real thing. ... (21 replies)
Stripping Question
Apr 18, 2005
... hing I've always been concerned about is knowing when I'm having contractions. I know that pain would be a dead giveaway but those of you here that have had your membranes stripped talk about bad cramping and back pain for days, then you start to go into labor. ... (21 replies)
... Hi! I'm a success story. I had hellacious pelvic nerve pain through the last few weeks of my PG. I hadn't slept in 3 days before I went into labor. So at my 39 week appt. My midwife stripped my membranes. ... (13 replies)
... was having them 5 mins apart for 6 hours or so and kind of painful too. However, once I decided to go to the hospital they finally stopped. About stripping the membranes all I have to say it is that it was quite painful, and obviously didn't work for me. Also, the back pain that followed wasn't fun. ... (17 replies)
... Eva, I definitely was considering staying home today. My back pain let up a little bit, but my stomach is still upset. I feel so bloated! At least I know it won't last forever. Not too much longer to go. ... (76 replies)
Deep breath
Nov 28, 2006
... frustrated. Omg. I'm a little girl with a big baby going on 10days overdue... so naturally Im tired and in pain and want my baby out! I went to my 41week OB appt today to find out my doctor was calling it my 40 week appt ! and is now going by a different duedate. ... (19 replies)
... Her mom, her sis, her bf and my dad were there at diff times of the night. It was highly stressful for all of us cuz Val was in major pain and they gave her stadol but it did little since she's used to it for her migraines. At 4 a.m. she was still only 1 cm. At 6 a.m. ... (21 replies)
... Savannah is here.... As you all know that my doctor stripped my membranes last Monday. Well, Monday afternoon I had been cramping but then they stopped. Tuesday I felt fine, nothing out of the ordinary. ... (10 replies)
... effaced. Being hopeful, I was just sure I would go early. At my 39 week appointment, the doctor stripped my membranes and then I lost my mucus plug over the next couple of days. She thought for sure I would deliver that week. Not so! ... (4 replies)
... On April 10 at 38 weeks my doctor stripped my membranes. My cervix was already dilated 4 cm. I went home and felt like nothing was happening so I thought it was not going to work. ... (7 replies)
... My membranes were stripped at my 39 week appointment on Wednesday the 23rd and I was cramping irregularly all evening. ... (14 replies)
Kaulton is here
Jun 16, 2008
... well my ds made his appearance 5 days ago. Tuesday the 10th I went in for my appt and they stripped my membranes, my doc scheduled me to deliver on the 17th. Wednesday I was cramping all day but nothing more then the usual af pain if that. ... (5 replies)
... nd then a lot of the time, by the time I get up and get there, the cramps have subsided.... It's really strange. I remember having that same feeling after the dr stripped my membranes with my last pregnancy, but that was at about 39 weeks. ... (1 replies)
... i'm still teaching 6 aerobic classes a week and on my off days i walk 2.5 miles at the park. I donot know if i can do more than back is really starting to hurt all the time now. Should I just go to the mall one day and walk for like 4 hours thru the pain? ... (6 replies)
... I am currently 37.5 weeks. I am dialated to one and when I was at my docs appt. last time she stripped my membranes. I also lost my mucous plug on Friday. I am currentlyworking full time and all the aches and pains are getting so bad. ... (27 replies)
Stripping sux!
Apr 22, 2005
... I had my membranes stripped on the 19th and it did nothing for me except put me in a whole lot of unnecessary pain. My back hurts so bad. I've tried to take tylenol but it didn't help at all. Does anyone know what might help to get this baby going? ... (7 replies)

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