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... With my first pregnancy, my dr stripped my membranes on my due date, around noon. I was already dilated 2cm at the time. I went into labor around 7pm that evening. ... (3 replies)
... a little surprised to hear others describe it as very painful. I definitely wouldn't describe it that way. Besides, in my experience when you're at the end of pregnancy you're willing to try anything to get the baby to come out! ... (10 replies)
... A. As you probably know, the bag of waters is inside the uterus, and the bag is composed of membranes. The membranes tend to cling to the wall of the uterus until after the baby is born and the placenta is expelled. ... (16 replies)

... My last pregnancy, I had my membranes stripped on a Monday and lost my mucous plug that night, and had bloody show the next day. Thats usually a good sign that the stripping went well. ... (3 replies)
... I know with my last pregnancy I lost it during week 40 sometime, and still ended up being induced. ... (5 replies)
... membrane stripping is where they do an internal exam, and where the cervix is attached to the wall of your uteris, they take their finger and go around it to remove it from the wall. it produces some kind of hormone that can make you go into labor, if your body is ready. if your body is not ready, it does nothing. i had high blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy, so... (7 replies)
... I had my membranes swept twice with my first pregnancy. At 35 weeks, I was 2 cm dilated. By 38 weeks, I think I was 4 cm and so my doctor swept my membranes. ... (6 replies)
... my doctor to make sure it was normal. Anyway, just prior to the exam, we were discussing scheduling an induction due to the size of the baby and I inquired about stripping the membranes. She said I would have to be dialated a little bit in order to strip them, but it was a possibility. ... (4 replies)
... Why would your midwife suggest that anyway?,,your are 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, not overdue...normal pregnancy is between 38-42 weeks...i would understand if u were overdue, but to put u in labour, when i would say u will go any week now is not that smart..but there is not medical reason, (that u did not state), why she would do this?....your time is almost here..let your body do... (13 replies)
... Congrats!!!!!!!! Isn't this exciting?! Your little one will be here soon. As to your question, there's no certain answer as it's different for each person and each pregnancy. Since this is your 1st baby, it could take a little longer. What did your doctor say? Hope your DH is home soon, too. (((((((hugs)))))))) Barbara :D (15 replies)
... With my first pregnancy I had it done about 3:00 in the afternoon. I than experienced cramping after that for a few hours (very uncomfortable) and than realized I was having contractions. Went to the hospital around 10:00 that night and delivered my girl at 9:30 the next morning. Lin mom to Tami 12, amanda 21 months, 34wk5d pg (13 replies)
April Mums Part 8
Mar 28, 2006
... GYN for the pregnancy. Next Tuesday I will be induced. He decided to do a vigorious stripping of the membranes and said that he stripped me to 3cm. So that's still not much of a change. ... (75 replies)
Need your help
Dec 10, 2004
... rantee. Also, when the baby and your body is ready the head will drop down in the birth canal. I have seen lots of instances where the woman can achieve ruptured membranes and full dilitation, and then the baby's head came down, became engaged and on down the birth canal. ... (5 replies)
... One of my good friends just recently had a baby and she went a week over due... The dr. started stripping her membranes and it seemed to help move things along faster. The final time they did it to her, she was in soo much pain, we all knew baby was coming. ... (35 replies)
... I have had an easy pregnancy and am not too uncomfortable but I still can't wait. ... (4 replies)
... Stripping of the membranes is pretty much to help things along. It gives things an added helping hand. I've heard that it's pretty common that once you get your membranes stripped that you will be in labor later that day to the next day. That's kinda exciting for me!! ... (312 replies)
... I can't believe how active my beanie is. Everyone says by the end of the pregnancy your baby slows right down and you don't feel as much. ... (312 replies)
... She also tried stripping my membranes, which she did twice with Liam, and it obviously didn't work, so I'm really not holding much faith in that process. ... (77 replies)
... He started stripping my membranes. I hope it will help. I've been having strong contractions for a few hours! I am ready. ... (78 replies)
... d out significantly. It is not adviseable to be "checking" your cervix to often as it can spontaneously cause cervical changes as well as you could be at risk of stripping your cervical membranes. ... (10 replies)

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