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Hello All,

Today I met the Urologist to say my mpMRI was negative. His recommendation is to now have shorter intervals for the PSA monitoring. Every 3 months and if the PSA remians elevated to repeat a biopsy. He told me I did have a large prostate and will have to live the symptoms of BPH. No imflamation or infection was evident. So after a negatibe biopsy , a negative MRI not sure what the future holds becuase I still have a high PSA. Note sure whether I should celebrate yet but I'll take one step at a time.
Follow-up to Urologist Visit
With my latest rapid climb in my PSA, the urologist feels (in light of my previous negative biopsy and MRI scan) that it may be a result of inflammation resulting from BPH symptoms and wants to retest psa in a couple of months. He also has prescribed Flomax to assist the prostate with related BPH symptoms which may be pushing up the PSA. Also it was determined that I have a 96cc prostate not the 70CC that I misquoted earlier. Omg what a whopper of a prostate I have. Anyway, I hope the new steps will help isolate what the heck is going on in there. Should psa rise again a repeat biopsy would be the next step. Some discussion to a PCa3 test was also an option at a nominal fee. All things considered, I think this course of action affords me some time to enjoy my holiday, try the new meds and hopefully a reduction in my psa readings.
Once again, thanks Jim. Yup, my urologist walked into the meeting room and said he liked my latest psa test number. He said we'll keep checking it now every 6 months instead of 3 since the number is going South. Im sure that if I have another monumental swing upwards in 6 months I will definitely insist on another Tesla 3 mpMRI before any suggestion of a repeat biopsy. My last mpMRI ( going on a little less than a year ago) was also negative. One point of discussion was my BPH symptoms, even though Flowmax is doing a good job I still have occasional early morning pee difficulties. Looks like I will have to live with that unless I want to take those prostate reduction meds like Proscar etc. Right now I'm in a happy place so I will carry on unless my BPH symptoms get worse in the future. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts and suggestions Jim. Regards Max.

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