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I have been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for a few years (I am 55). Over time, my PSA has increased, and sometimes quickly jumped. And sometimes really subsided. At the advice of my urologist, I have stopped the TRT. He is STRONGLY suggesting a biopsy, and at the same time is open to at least letting me speak my peace about my hesitation at letting him cut pieces out of what MIGHT be a healthy organ. My DRE is always normal and smooth, I have no problems peeing. As far as "down-there" everything seems normal.

I am trying to get my GP on the GenPath list so that he can draw blood for a 4kScore test, just so that I can have some other data to look at to help me make up my mind before I have the biopsy.

I figure that you guys on the forum will have so much knowledge and experience, you may be able to give me some thoughts and hopefully recommendations. I have been tracking my PSA for years.
All comments most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you so much for your reply. I am not sure whether my GP will be set up to draw blood for the 4KScore test by the time of my biopsy, so I drew blood yesterday at a lab to get my PSA again and free PSA (which I have never tested before).

I have a neophyte question about infection causing an increased PSA... Can this be an infection anywhere in the body, or would it have to be an infection of the prostate or the area around the prostate? I did have a throat infection recently that my doctor thought was strep.

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