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I am 65 years old. I was diagnosed with G8 prostate cancer just a week ago with PSA of 5.2. My 3T MRI shows a 0.5 cc tumor in the peripheral zone abutting the capsule but without evidence of extracapsular extension. I did a 6-needle biopsy that came back positive with 4+4 Gleason score. Although the MRI provides no evidence of spread, a CT Urogram and bone scan have been scheduled to see if there is any.

I had a successful laser surgery in 2007 for enlarged prostate. At the time my PSA was 1.0. Since then I have been keeping track of my PSA levels every month or two and saw it rising steadily to 2.0 in 2012, then 4.2 in 2016, and finally 5.2 in August 2017, in 5 months. Digital Rectal Examines have all been normal throughout this time. I have a very healthy lifestyle. My diet is low carb with careful control of nutritional parameters such as carb and sugar. I exercise regularly and take various supplements to help my body and prostate. I am generally very healthy and usually only go to see my doctor once a year for check up.

At this time of 1 week after diagnosis, I have a good urologist but I am trying to find a local oncologistI have done research on treatment options. I would really appreciate it if someone the community can provide advice.

Thank you.

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