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I don't know enough to be confident that I am putting the reply in the right spot. If I were in your position, I would put in a note on this blog....and hope I get an answer from a couple experienced informed guys...or one if he is like ADT3since2000...if I recall the name without looking up his last helpful note. He helps so many people...I don't know how he does it. My condition and biopsies (I have had 6 or 7 by a couple different urologists) does not apply to your situation. I asked how probes are going to be done. I was unimpressed with the time when he said he was going to do 10...and he ''always does 1 think I would consider a second opinion if he recommends a biopsy (I never did that). If I was starting over...and had a recommendation for a biopsy (based on a DRE and not PsA) ...I would go to a center Indian Wells...which has good imaging...I bet you have a center close that does MRI guided pSA....All my biopsies were done in the office...not that painful ...a bit more blood than I expected. Your PSA has not doubled in 2 maybe he will want to repeat the PSA ...add a pSA free...or whatever you said....
The rate of your growth is very encouraging. You are catching any problem early. Good luck.

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