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Prebiopsy MRI
Aug 1, 2018
I'm in my 60's with no history of diagnosed cancer. My PSA went up 5x in a row dating back to early 2017 ( psa numbers were in the mid 3 range in early 2017, gradually increased, and most recently jumped from mid to high 4 to 9.

My urologist recently recommended a Trus biopsy which would be my first prostate biopsy ever. This Urologist seems to be discounting the value of doing a pre biopsy MRI (says pre biopsy MRI does not increase trus biopsy accuracy)

I'm going to do a prebiopsy prostate MRI with/wo contrast on a 3T machine. Then, my next decision will be should I folllow advice of my urologist and proceed to do the Trus biopsy (strongly recommended by this urologist irregardless of upcoming MRI results). Urinary symptoms are not that bad

A recent in office DRE was said to find no abnormalities. Otherwise , I've been on daily Tamsulosin for around 2.5 years (unclear if I definitely have BPH). And I have a long history of inflammation in upper---lower GI and URL tract. a recent cystoscopy test result was ok

Wondering if I should proceed
To do the Trus biopsy vs other options

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