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Elevated PSA
Dec 13, 2018
I had my annual physical and my PSA was 11.7. I'm 63 and prior years were .5 and .4. My Dr is referring me to a urologist. I've spent the last couple of days reading everything I can about this, and I understand the increase can be due to other issues such as an infection. I'm trying to stay in the moment and not project out too far. I'd appreciate any input on what to expect and any questions I should be asking.

Re: Elevated PSA
Dec 13, 2018
Hi bps and welcome to the Board!

Those earlier PSAs are nice and low, in fact "normal." Infection can abruptly elevate PSA by a [B][I]lot[/I][/B], even far higher than your current value. However, while cancer for the overwhelming majority of us is not reflected in a very rapid jump, it can happen. Of course, a combination of infection and cancer can increase PSA. (Benign growth - BPH - is not associated with a large and abrupt increase.) My guess is that infection is causing the increase, but having a urologist check you out is absolutely the right thing to do at this point.

Good luck!
Re: Elevated PSA
Dec 14, 2018
Hi again.

Here are leads to some medical research papers on infection and PSA. For instance, take a look at, a Swedish study that looked at urinary tract infections with a fever and effect on PSA. Click on the blue hypertext of a study to read the abstract. The Swedish study found an average (median) increase of 14.1 ng/mL during the acute stage of a urinary tract infection. You can also go to and enter a search like - (PSA OR prostate-specific antigen) elevation AND infection . I just did that, with filters on the left of the PubMed page activated for Abstract and Humans, plus Sorted By: Best Match (top center) and I got 7 papers, including the one mentioned.

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