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My husband went for a routine check up and found that his PSA is 29.00. Two years ago it was 4. He went for a retest and an exam. Dr, said prostate not enlarged but my husband has recently had trouble peeing. He is going for a biopsy next week. HAs anyone has such a large jump in their PSA. Dr, has not tested him for infection but I doubt if infection would cause just a large number.
Hi Patty and welcome to the Board!

I never noticed such a large jump in my PSA because my first PSA ever was more than 100 back in 1999, with my biopsy following quickly just about this time of year. Fortunately, unlike me, your husband has been doing the right thing by being tested more often.

It [I]IS[/I] certainly possible for infection or inflammation to cause such a large elevation in PSA, even much larger. As the infection waxes and wanes, the PSA can move up and down with sharp swings.

Hopefully that elevated PSA is due to an infection - one that can be identified and treated. If it is cancer, then it is very likely that there will be effective treatment options available for your husband, most likely radiation supported by hormonal drug therapy. Getting a biopsy is wise at this point. Will your husband have a multiparametric MRI prior to or even during the biopsy? That is being done fairly frequently these days.

Good luck and keep in touch. :wave:
Hi, Thank you for your reply. He is having a biopsy done this coming Thursday and there is a camera of sorts involved so I'm not sure exactly what is getting done but I will find out. I feel a little more hopeful knowing that infection could cause such a result. Hoping for the best will let you know.
My PSA jumped from 4 to 112 and it took 6 months for the value to return to normal. Sex, riding a bike and infection can all raise PSA.

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