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Hello! My loving husband of 27 years is likely facing a cancer diagnosis. During his yearly physical, his doctor felt a hard area on the right side of his prostate during the routine DRE. Because my husband's PSA has continually been rising over the past several years and now this nodule is present, he sent him to an urologist for follow-up.

The urologist also felt the nodule and stated that Jerry's PSA is "high for his age". Jerry is currently 55 years of age and his PSA was right at the top of "normal" ... just under 4. The urologist didn't really say much else except that he needed a biopsy and that if it was cancer he thought it was "early" and that "sometimes" it is something other than cancer. That was about it for the visit. Neither of us even asked the first question. Unfortunately the first available appointment for the biopsy wasn't until April 8th and we've already been waiting 3 to 4 weeks. *sigh*

Now ... here lies my "extra" concerns. Jerry has been having shoulder pain in his right shoulder for a few months now. (2 to 3 maybe slightly longer) He saw an orthopedist and was given a steroid injection and sent to PT for several weeks. He returned to the orthopedist this week and told him that the pain is WORSE than it was in the beginning. The orthopedist had previously diagnosed him with a "frozen shoulder" but then said that it should NOT be getting worse. His range of motion is very compromised as well. It hurts primarily early in the day but some days it hurts all day long. In addition to this shoulder pain, he is also experiencing recent onset of sciatica sometimes in both legs. He states that it sometimes nearly kills him to get out of the truck when he gets to work in the morning! He says the pain is "screaming" pain. He HIMSELF doesn't scream but that is how he describes what he feels! :(

I am scared to death that this is bone metastisis!
I pray that I am jumping to conclusions but I'm not so sure!

Oh ... the orthopedist did order an MRI on his shoulder (thank GOD) and that will be this coming Monday and results on Tuesday. I'm not sure that anything will be directly on the shoulder as an original xray showed nothing.

Do you think a MRI will cover enough area that if there is cancer anywhere near the shoulder, it would show?

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