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Re: Fast Rising PSA
Sep 13, 2019
Hi PPAMAN and welcome to the Board!

Are you already seeing a urologist, perhaps for the BPH and the LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms)? The information you have provided warrants further workup to lower the risk of undue delay in treating the kind of prostate cancer that needs treatment, but Iím suspecting the workup will suggest a combination of BPH and infection as responsible for that elevated and increasing PSA.

While not conclusive, free PSA results as strong and steady as yours are a good indication that you do not have cancer. In fact, free-PSA can be decreased in the presence of infection, and even that is not in evidence. The value of free-PSA is mushy when it is near or in the teens, but your levels are usually in the range of pretty reliable indicators of no cancer, as I understand it as a layman.

Iím thinking your elevated PSA reflects a continued benign growth. A prostate of 70 cc in size would account for the PSA level you are now seeing, as would a combination of some lesser growth plus a mild infection, and an increase in size to 70 cc from the previous estimated level, over three years and at your age, would not be uncommon. (Are you doing anything for the BPH and LUTS?) These days, a multiparametric MRI scan is often done to see whether a biopsy would be wise. There are also additional tests that can be done to give clues about the likelihood of prostate cancer and need for a biopsy.

The bottom line is that your concern can probably be low, but not enough to let your guard completely down and neglect further investigation. Sometimes, even with favorable clues, the dangerous types of prostate cancer can be stealthy and pass under the early warning radars. On the very good side, survival of most prostate cancer cases is outstanding, the best of any major cancer, and we now know that men with mild prostate cancer can do "active surveillance", hopefully deferring treatment forever.

Good luck! :wave:

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