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My own saga into uPSA accuracy and precision is in this thread:

There I wrote about the independent lab testing of Labcorp's assay:

"For the .01 sample the results ranged from 0.009 to 0.013, with a standard deviation of about ±0.001. So 2 S.D. -- which should cover about 95% of all results -- gives us [B]±0.002[/B] as the “grain of salt” for your PSA result, again, in perfect conditions. The results for the 0.20 sample ranged from 0.194 to 0.203.For reasons you can read about in the paper, the S.D. was higher in this case, about 0.0023, which gives about [B]±0.005[/B] for 2 S.D."

We might logically want to increase the everyday variability of the test since we don't live in a world of ideal conditions, but my own uPSA test results lead me to think that this Labcorp test is, in scientific parlance, purdy darn good.

(3 m ) 0.010 (3-month result)
(6 m ) 0.009
(9 m ) 0.007 (nadir)
(1 yr.) 0.018 (huh?)
(13 m) 0.013 (30-day retest)
(15 m) 0.012
(18 m) 0.015
(21 m) 0.015
(2 yr. ) 0.016
(24 m) 0.015

The 0.018 appears to be an outlier, and coming right after my nadir was certainly an unwanted surprise, but the 30-day retest put it into perspective.

To rob a famous line: [I]a single uPSA does not a summer make[/I]. However repeat testing should give you good data that shows your level and trend.


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