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TY [COLOR="Blue"]Dj[/COLOR]! Great Detective work.

I went back and looked at my early [COLOR="blue"]uPSA[/COLOR] Lab Reports from LabCorp. My first was in Oct, 2012. All 23 to date have been analyzed in Birmingham, AL using Roche ECLIA methodology. ("[COLOR="blue"][I][B]Same Lab Using Same Methodology Each Time![/B][/I][/COLOR]")

The Reference Interval is listed as: [COLOR="Blue"]0.000 - 4.000 ng/ml[/COLOR] There has never been a Lower Limit of Detection listed.

Several years ago I had telephone conversation with a Pathologist at LabCorp who suggested that the uPSA results should fall within a range of [COLOR="blue"][I]2 Standard Deviations from the Mean[/I][/COLOR].

In my series of results that translates to: [COLOR="blue"]0.023 +/- 0.008[/COLOR] ng/ml.

Back then I located an article from a lab tech trade journal that stated the LLD for this uPSA Methodology was 0.007 ng/ml. Again, nowhere does Labcorp provide an LLD value.

Thus, we strongly advocate to dump the 3rd decimal value by rounding to the 2nd decimal.

What is most important for those monitoring for early warnings of BCR, is to never make a decision based solely on a value that appears in the 3rd decimal. The 3rd decimal values are [COLOR="Blue"][I]Trillionths of a Gram[/I][/COLOR] Instead, establish a PSA level that, if/when reached, will trigger SRT. [COLOR="Blue"]uPSA[/COLOR] serves well as an early warning system for approaching [COLOR="blue"]BCR[/COLOR]. The Rate of Increase is the most important factor.


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