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Apr 22, 2004
My dad had a urinary track infection. A few days later he went into the hospital for week legs which had to do with a nerve pressing against his spine. While in the hospital, they checked his prostate. The doctor felt something unusual so they did a PSA test and it came back slightly elevated. They made an appointed to get a biopsy done 2 weeks after they did the test. Could it be that the doctor isn't too worried about it because they let him make an appointment 2 weeks after the PSA test? I don't know how high the PSA test was. My mom told me it was slightly elevated but she knows how much I worry and she could have just said that. I'm worried about my dad. He's 58 years old. I understand that symptoms start in the late stage of cancer. He doesn't have any symptoms. Could that be a good sign? Can anyone tell me more about this? Any suggestions?
Re: Prostate
Apr 23, 2004
Sounds like the doctor is doing everything right. A slightly elevated PSA isn`t that bad. And just "feeling something" unusual isn`t the end of the world either. Mens prostates become enlarged all the time and many times they will become enlarged on just one side and not both. Possibly the Urinary Trac Infection spread to the prostate and needs to be treated with anti-biotics. In any event, in the worst case, prostate cancer in men is a very slow moving cancer and can normally be treated with good results. Most men have some degree of prostate cancer in their later years of life but outlive it because it moves so slow. A biopsy seems to be the proper place to start............don`t worry youself at this point.

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