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My husband who is 39 is having a prostate biopsy at the end of the week. He does have a history of prostatitis with urethral stricture which was treated a few years back and also included a biopsy which was benign. This time around there is another painful mass on his prostate that the doc says is 3 times larger than the benign mass he had a few years back. It causes him pain to have a bowel movement or sit in the crane he operates which produces alot of bouncing and vibrations.

This time he had a PSA done which was 1.970. Next to this value it says his results are high. Below is a statement that states "Reference range has been adjusted for age" There is also a different reference range next to this statement which says 0.000-1.400 ng/mL N

According to this adjusted for age reference range, he is slightly elevated but I have never heard of this different range. I am really worried more so this time around because a few years back with previous prostatitis his PSA was normal and this new reference range for age was not done before.

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